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Becoming a “Second-Career” Translator: A Conversation with Aneesa Abbas Higgins
By Samantha Schnee
The experiences gained from a lifetime of reading and pursuing other professions are invaluable assets.
Words Without Borders Receives 2022 National Endowment for the Arts Grant
New York, New York, January 12, 2022—The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has just announced that it will distribute more than $28 million in support of 1,248 arts and cultural organizations…
The Tofu-Maker
By Shen Fuyu
Around the time we were in second grade, Buckethead and I beat a snake to death.
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
WWB’s Most Anticipated Translated Books of 2022
By Words Without Borders
WWB staff, contributors, and board members on the translated books they're most excited about in 2022.
A Seriously Shitty Quirk of Fate
By Paulo Scott
I felt uncomfortable being who I was, raised on the idea of being from a Black family.
Translated from Portuguese by Daniel Hahn
The Watchlist: December 2021
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends exciting new books translated from Maltese, Mè’phàà, German, Spanish, Arabic, and Greek.
Mike Fu and Jenna Tang on Mentorship, Taiwanese Literature, and Translating Trauma
By Mike Fu & Jenna Tang
In 2021, Mike Fu and Jenna Tang worked together through the Emerging Translator Mentorship Program of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), with a focus on prose from Taiwan. Fu had published…
Calvin Baker Joins WWB Board of Directors
By Words Without Borders
Words Without Borders is pleased to announce the election of acclaimed author Calvin Baker to its Board of Directors. “I am a great admirer of Calvin’s writing. A brilliant writer…
The Best Translated Books of 2021
By Words Without Borders
As the year comes to an end, our staff, contributors, and board members look back on their favorite international reads from 2021.Eric M. B. BeckerEditorOne of my most thought-provoking reads…
7 New Voices in English Translation to Read Now
By Words Without Borders
Each year, WWB is proud to offer a platform to dozens of international writers whose work has never before appeared in English translation. As 2021 comes to an end, we’re looking back at some of…
Nuestra Ciudad: Writing the City in Spanish
By Ulises Gonzales
Today, a young writer working in Spanish arrives in New York City to find no shortage of role models.
War of the Species
By Michel Nieva
Completely unaware that this was the kind of sacred moment when you pledge your undying allegiance to a team, through thick and thin, I stated my choice.
Translated from Spanish by Rahul Bery
By Álvaro Baquero-Pecino
On a bad night, a train car on the red line takes more than half an hour to appear, and no fewer than twenty-one minutes to traverse the eleven stations to the southern tip of Manhattan.
Translated from Spanish by Sarah Pollack
Spanish-language Writing in New York, Then and Now: An Interview with Esther Allen & Ulises Gonzales
By Words Without Borders Editors
While many Latinx writers work in English, there is a longstanding tradition of writers born or raised in this country who work in Spanish.
No One Really Knows Why People Shout
By Mario Michelena
His lips are moist, as though he were stewing on more insults.
Translated from Spanish by Lindsay Griffiths & Adrián Izquierdo
The Common Good
By Sara Cordón
All she can think about is why it ever occurred to her to dress like this in public.
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
Plans and Commitments
By Naief Yehya
He checked Mel’s Instagram and Twitter accounts again, waiting anxiously for her to post something, anything.
Translated from Spanish by Samantha Ortega
By Miguelángel Meza
Miguelángel Meza's poetry chapbook, Dream Pattering Soles, was published this month by Ugly Duckling Presse in Elisa Taber's translation. A leading Guaraní poet, Meza was…
Translated by Elisa Taber
Little Check Marks on Our Names
By Saša Stanišiç
Winner of the German Book Prize, Saša Stanišić's Where You Come From will be out from Tin House next week. Translated by Damion Searls, this autofictional work explores…
Translated by Damion Searls
An Evening of Sugar-Eating
By Lee Young-ju
Next week, Black Ocean will release Lee Young-ju's poetry collection Cold Candies, translated from Korean by Jae Kim. The collection includes “Roommate, Woman,” one of the winners…
Translated by Jae Kim
The Watchlist: November 2021
By Tobias Carroll
Each month, Tobias Carroll shares a handful of recently released or forthcoming titles in translation that he’s especially excited about. This month's selection includes books translated…
Introducing WWB’s Education Fellow, Allison Tim
By Words Without Borders
We're pleased to welcome Allison Tim as the first-ever WWB education fellow. Allison is a writer, photographer, and budding filmmaker. After graduating from Macalester College with…
Portrait of a Libyan Scream
By Najwa Bin Shatwan
Later this month, UEA Publishing Project will release Mo(a)t: Stories from Arabic, an anthology of short fiction by Arabophone writers from the African diaspora, edited by Garen Torikian and…
Translated by Sawad Hussain
Introducing WWB’s Editorial Fellow, Soleil Davíd
By Words Without Borders
We're pleased to welcome Soleil Davíd as a WWB editorial fellow. Soleil is a poet, writer, and translator who moved from the Philippines to the United States at age 17. Her work has…
Telling the Stories of China’s “Illegal Children”: Shen Yang and Roseann Lake in Conversation
By Shen Yang & Roseann Lake
“Excess-birth” or “illegal” children (usually girls) were those born to a family who already had a child during the years when China’s one-child policy, in force from the…
The Literary Life of K-pop Lyrics
By Sang Young Park
In this short essay, Korean novelist Sang Young Park defends the literary quality of K-pop lyrics.If you know me, you know I love K-pop. You’d think a man in his midthirties would learn to step…
Translated by Anton Hur
This Language Called Kaaps: An Introduction
By Olivia M. Coetzee
Language is more than just a method of communication. It is about the ability to lay down roots, to settle into an identity, to have a place in history, in the present, and in the future. Language is…
Children of the Xam
By Khadija Tracey Heeger
Watch Khadija Tracey Heeger read her poem “Children of the Xam” in the original Kaaps.Poet Khadija Tracey Heeger honors a rich and complex heritage.Between the vertebrae of the Langeberg…
Translated from Kaaps by Olivia M. Coetzee & Khadija Tracey Heeger
By Martin SIEP Muller
Watch the music video for “Affirm” performed by SIEP, in the original Kaaps.This rap performance by SIEP uplifts and speaks truth.I affirm the soul in each personI affirm the soul in each…
Translated from Kaaps by Andre Trantraal
The Wind Blows Where It Wishes and You Hear Its Sound
By Andre Trantraal
It should be patently obvious to anyone but the most resolutely blind that he is not aching with impatience to go to the house of the Lord.
Translated from Kaaps by the author