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Left, a black-and-white portrait of Kate Briggs; right, the cover of her novel The Long Form
Graphic with images of author Nasser Abu Srour and Tale of a Wall book cover
Palestinian author Nasser Abu Srour and Tale of a Wall book cover
Portrait of Vishes Kothari
Portrait of WWB's poetry editor, Sohini Basak
A portrait of Zaporah Price
December 2023 Mystery Taboo And Class Barriers Dalva Feature
A black-and-white portrait of Jessika Davis
A portrait of WWB Social Media Editor Eleanor Stern
A fall portrait of translator Alexander Aguayo
Photo Credit: Preston Pasko
October 2023 The Muse In Rebellion Maru Ayase Interview Feature
Portrait of WWB Education Program Coordinator Maggie Vlietstra
At left Sam Taylor and at right David Diop both finalists for the 2023 National Book Award for...
At left a portrait of Dutch writer Astrid Roemer author of National Book Award for Translated Literature...
National Book Award semifinalists Lizzie Davis at left and Juan Cárdenas at right
At left the cover of Mohamed Mbougar Sarr's THE MOST SECRET HISTORY OF MEN and National Book Award...
Brazilian writer Stênio Gardel on the left and translator Bruna Dantas Lobato on the right finalists...
Headshots of translator Lisa Dillman and writer Pilar Quintana semifinalists for the 2023 National...
Credits: Lisa Dillman by April Hunt. Pilar Quintana by Danilo Costa.
Photos of National Book Award semifinalists Sophie Hughes and Fernanda Melchor
Image of translator Anton Hur and writer Bora Chung semifinalists for the 2023 National Book Award
A portrait of Brazilian writer Itamar Vieira Junior alongside the cover of his novel Crooked Plow,...
From left to right: Shash Trevett, Seni Seneviratne (photo credit: Sam Hardwick at Ledbury Poetry), and Vidyan Ravinthiran
Credit: Mardiana Sani
Portrait of author Isabel Fargo Cole
Photo: Dirk Skiba
Portrait of Wallis Wilde-Menozzi
A black-and-white portrait of Mosab Abu Toha
Portrait of author Karim Kattan
Photo: R Topakian
A portrait of Senegalese American writer Baba Badji
A portrait of Will Forrester
Photo credit: Grace Hutchison
A portrait of writer Edvige Giunta
Photo © Joshua Fausty
A portrait of writer Giusy Sciacca.
Photo credit: Marcello Bianca.
Portrait of translator and editorial fellow Isabella Corletto
Portrait of writer Roberto Alajmo in front of a stone wall
Portrait of Dr. Sachin Ketkar
Black and white portrait of writer Maria Borio
Portrait of writer Cristina Bendek in front of green plants
Photo: Karen Bendek
Portrait of Dr. Tridip Suhrud
Portrait of author Claudia Durastanti
Photo: Civitella Ranieri Foundation
Portrait of writer Paul Hetherington reading from a book in front of a microphone
Photo: FUKAHORI Mizuho
Portrait of Lídia Jorge next to the cover of O Vento Assobiando nas Gruas
Jenny Bhatt (left) and Rita Kothari (right)
Left, the Romanian cover of Mircea Cartarescu's Solenoid; center, translator Sean Cotter; right,...
Portrait of writer Deniz Dağdelen Düzgün
A portrait of Ko Ko Thett in red suspenders standing in front of a field of yellow flowers
Portrait of writer Cassandra Atherton
A black and white portrait of writer and editor Khairani Barokka holding a pen
Photo: Derrick Kakembo
Photo of author Bianca Bellová
Monique Ilboudo, left, and Yarri Kamara, right
Portrait of writer Fiona Kelly McGregor with a black cat
Photo copyright © Jamie James
Portraits of Jason Grunebaum and Pia Sawhney
Portrait of writer Felipe Restrepo Pombo
Photo copyright © R. Trejo
Left, author Shariar Mandanipour; right, translator Sara Khalili
Left, Shariar Mandanipour, photo © Danial Mondanipour; right, Sara Khalili, photo © Miriam Berkley
Left: Mohammed Hasan Alwan; Right: William M. Hutchins
Portraits of Jon Fosse and Damion Searls
Left: Jon Fosse, photo by Tom Kolstad Samlaget; Right: Damion Searls, photo by Beowulf Sheehan
Portraits of Yoko Tawada and Margaret Mitsutani
Portraits of Olga Ravn and Martin Aitken
Left: Olga Ravn, photo credit: Lærke Posselt; Right: Martin Aitken
Portraits of Saša Stanišić and Damion Searls
Left: Saša Stanišić, photo by Katja Sämann; Right: Damion Searls, photo by Beowulf Sheehan
Portraits of Mónica Ojeda and Sarah Booker
Portraits of Samanta Schweblin and Megan McDowell
Left: Samanta Schweblin, photo by Alejandra Lopez; Right: Megan McDowell, photo by Camila Valdés
At left face of French language translator Mark Polizzotti and at right face of French Rwandan...
Portrait of writer Moira Egan
Photo copyright © Eric Toccaceli