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Mara Faye Lethem alongside the Catalan and English covers of Learning to Talk to Plants
Portrait of writer and translator André Naffis-Sahely
Photo copyright © Nina Subin
New Yorker critic Merve Emre and WWB Books Editor Adam Dalva
Portrait of Arinze Ifeakandu and Book Cover
Photo copyright © Bec Stupak Diop for Black Rock Senegal
Deepak Unnikrishnan. Photo © Philip Cheung.
Portrait of writer Marta Orriols
Photo copyright © Ariana Arnes
A portrait of writer Miguel Syjuco
From left to right: Salwa Shakhshir, Miranda Beshara, and Mohamed Nabulsi.
Portrait of writer and translator Nisha Susan
Ruth Weiner, publisher of Triangle Square Books for Young Readers. Photo © Eva Sotomayor.
Kristian Sendon Cordero. Photo copyright © Boyet Abrenica.
Fiona Sampson. Photo copyright © Ekaterina Voskresenskaya.
Left, the book cover of Velorio. Right, a portrait of author Xavier Navarro Aquino.
Xavier Navarro Aquino. Photo copyright © Jayleen Santiago Díaz.
Portrait of Meena Kandasamy
Image Copyright © Varun Vasudevan
Portrait of writer Sinan Antoon
Photo © Koutaiba al-Janabi
Portrait of writer Ioana Morpurgo
Portrait of writer Natalie Bakopoulos
Portrait of writer Christopher Bakken