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Portraits of Tunisian author Yamen Manai, and translator Lara Vergnaud.
Yamen Manai, photo © Delphine Manai, and Lara Vergnaud, photo © Pascal Michel.
A portrait of publisher Yael Berstein of Tapioca Stories.
Yael Berstein of Tapioca Stories
Portrait of writer Naivo
Portrait of writer Ali Al Ameri
Photo © Satish Kumar.
Portrait of writer Maya C. Popa
A portrait of Rémy Ngamije, Rwandan-born Namibian author and editor-in-chief of Doek! Literary...
Image: Abantu Book Festival
Portrait of writer Angelo Cannavacciuolo
A portrait of Arthur Levine, founder of children's book publishing company Levine Querido.
Photo credit: Tess Thomas
Portraits of writers Daniel Mendelsohn and Émmanuel Carrère.
Daniel Mendelsohn (left), photo © Matt Mendelsohn, and Émmanuel Carrère, photo by Raphael Labbé, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.
Portraits of Pablo Strauss and Stéphane Larue, translator and author, respectively, of The Dishwasher.
Pablo Strauss (left) and Stéphane Larue (photo © Hani Ferland).
A portrait of Chinese literary critic and science fiction writer, Tang Fei.
Photo courtesy of Tang Fei.
Portrait of Filipino poet Enrique Villasis.
A panel from Lebanese comic artist and musician Mazen Kerbaj's A Subjective History of Lebanon.
A panel from Mazen Kerbaj's "A Subjective History of Lebanon."
Portraits of Chinese poet Yau Ching and translator of Chiang's poem Trial Run, Chenxin Jiang.
Portrait of Bryan Mendoza, translator of Julio Pazos Barrera's Pegasus Autopsy.
Photo of translator, writer, and curator Nguyễn-Hoàng Quyên.
Nguyễn-Hoàng Quyên. Photo by Gianmarco Carlone
Portraits of writer Carlos Fonseca and translator Megan McDowell.
Carlos Fonseca (photo © Rodrigo Ruiz) and Megan McDowell (photo © Sebastian Escalona)