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Woodcut image of a male prisoner behind bars on wove paper
"The Prisoner (Der Gefangene), 1918" by Christian Rohlfs (artist) German, 1849 - 1938 in the Gift of Jacob Kainen Collection in the National Gallery of Art
Graphic with images of author Nasser Abu Srour and Tale of a Wall book cover
Palestinian author Nasser Abu Srour and Tale of a Wall book cover
The covers of the thirteen books featured in the list arranged in three rows and overlapping slightly
The covers of the books featured in the Watchlist in a 2x6 grid: Chronicles of a Village, The Mystery...
Illustration of golden crescent moon and stars on a blue but cloudy night
See page for author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Image of a coiled brown boa constrictor
Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash
Pedestrians walk on a dirt road in the city of Gaza
Photo by Emad El Byed on Unsplash
Picture of a woman standing on a curb in Al-Khalil, Palestine
Photo by Rob Stothard of PalFest 2023 on Flickr
cover of palestinian poet tamim al-bargouthi's in jerusalem
Image of dried mud
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash
Black and white photograph of middle-aged man staring into the screen.
Old man walks amid ruins of Gaza with cane in hand, impassive in the face of enormous destruction.
Palestinian News & Information Agency (Wafa) in contract with APAimages via Wikimedia Commons
Shovels leaning against a dirt wall
Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash
Curved asphalt road on a foggy day in Lebanon
Photo by Dorsa Masghati on Unsplash
The covers of Vengeance Is Mine, Under Our Skin, Negras, Rotten Evidence, MA, Owlish, The Love...
A tile cover of the books in the November Watchlist: Pedro and Marques Take Stock, Strangers in...
The twelve books featured in the list, in three rows of five
A black-and-white portrait of Mosab Abu Toha
Portrait of author Karim Kattan
Photo: R Topakian
An old, sepia toned photograph of a young girl
Photo by Robin Myers
The covers of the books featured in the list
The covers of the ten books featured in the gift guide
The covers of the books featured in the Watchlist
The Monastery of Saint Naum
Fif' from Paris, France, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
The covers of all the books featured in the list
July 2022 Poetry Collection Feature
The book covers of Policing the City, Scattered All Over the Earth, Palestine +100, The Way Spring...
Mossy rocks at the edge of the coastline in Gaza
Photo by Emad El Byed on Unsplash
Oil panting of two women drinking coffee at home
"Two Women Drinking Coffee, c. 1893" by Edouard Vuillard (artist) French, 1868 - 1940 in the Ailsa Mellon Bruce Collection in the National Gallery of Art
A cup of tea with mint leaves
Photo by FIsh God on Unsplash
A photo of a brown leather wallet
Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash
Obaida alnakhala, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons