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Spring Cleaning
By Yishai Sarid
“I’ve been married almost twenty-five years, and I’ve never gotten carried away on an adventure like this before.”
Translated from Hebrew by Yardenne Greenspan
And What If Love Is Stronger? The Queer Issue
By Susan Harris
In this troubling context, the need for portrayals of queer lives around the world becomes even more urgent.
Rainbow Families: Four Parents and Two Children
By Karolina Domagalska
“Go and find a father for your child.”
Translated from Polish by Marta Dziurosz
Just Dinner, but Oh, What a Feast
By Rohan Kamicheril
Though food may fail to broker communication, this is often one of its major supposed roles.
Instructions for Eating Granny Ora’s Kibbeh
By Moshe Sakal
Israeli cuisine is a mystery, a black hole, a utopia.
Translated from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen