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The Creature

By Guy Morad
Translated from Hebrew by Riva Hocherman
Guy Morad's graphic tale reveals the vulnerability of a lethal infiltrator.
On the news they said that a creature had fallen to earth from the sky . They said it was very dangerous . If anyone found the creature they should be extremely careful and let the army know right away so the army could come and get it .
I found it.

It fell in the field next to my house .

At first I was afraid to get too close.

But after I saw that it wasn't moving , I picked up a branch from the ground and began to touch it .
Its head was covered in blood . It was dead .

I felt kind of sorry for it and didn't know what to do .

If Eli was here , he'd have known what to do .
Eli's my big brother . He died in the army .
When Eli died I cried all the time and couldn't stop thinking about him .

Everyone told me he'd died for his country , and that the army had taken him because he was a hero .
I decided not to tell anyone about my creature . I dug a hole deep in the grove behind my house and buried him inside .
I won't let them take him , the way they took Eli .

Copyright 2006 by Guy Morad. By arrangement with the author. Translation copyright 2006 by Riva Hocherman. All rights reserved.

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