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The book covers of Policing the City, Scattered All Over the Earth, Palestine +100, The Way Spring...
The Watchlist: March 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends noteworthy new books translated from Arabic, Chinese, Danish, French, and Japanese.
Like Two Drops of Water
By Sergi Pàmies
Tempo, for instance: one drop every so often, always the exact same so often, like a time trial in a bicycle race.
Translated from Catalan by Lisa M. Dillman
The Egyptian Tomb
By Beatriz Espejo
Every time she visited, she felt a crushing weariness, as though her entire life were caving in on her.
Translated from Spanish by Cecilia Ross
Portrait of writer and translator Nisha Susan
“Women with Highly Irregular Minds”
By Suhasini Patni
In all these years that I’ve spent writing in English, I’ve always felt that my leaning toward literariness was informed by Malayalam.
By Marta Orriols
A headband, you say? You’re ridiculous.
Translated from Catalan by Mara Faye Lethem
Until the Threads Burn to Ash
By Aleksey Porvin
Hold an assault rifle with my hand, use my mouth
Translated from Russian by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler
There’s No Getting Out
By Olga Bragina
we won't recognize this city anymore
Translated from Russian by Elina Alter
Cover for The Shampoo's album In Naples.
Elena Rigby
By Peppe Fiore
The microphones of Radio Antenna Capri are rapt witnesses to a minor page of modern history—even if the chapter of history in question is the saga of the Neapolitan gasconade, not the annals of the pop beat.
Translated from Italian by Antony Shugaar
By Eva Baltasar
Having a kid is the same as enrolling in a lifetime plan of suffering.
Translated from Catalan by Julia Sanches
The Water Freezes
By Alla Gorbunova
Your cheeks are pinked with Parnassus rose.
Translated from Russian by Elina Alter
A baby doll sits by a window
Photo by Jay Mistry on Unsplash
The Lost Translator
By Michael F. Moore
It is all the more disturbing, then, that neither Gyllenhaal in her interviews nor the film’s end credits or press kit makes any mention of the translator whose work was the basis for the script: Ann Goldstein.
The White Tablecloth
By Irene Solà
Eight years and I’m still not over it.
Translated from Catalan by Mara Faye Lethem
Transcending the Human Viewpoint
By Madeleine Feeny
I allowed myself to be very playful and unafraid, and to try everything.
A glowing diamond with light radiating from it
Photo by kirklai on Unsplash
We Need More Speculative Fiction in Translation
By Rachel Cordasco
Despite this recent wave of SFT, there are still a number of barriers preventing more of it from going mainstream in the Anglophone world.
Ruth Weiner, publisher of Triangle Square Books for Young Readers. Photo © Eva Sotomayor.
Children’s Literature in Translation: Triangle Square Books for Young Readers
By The Editors of Words Without Borders
Answers aren’t always easy to come by in the real world when you’re a kid.
The covers of the six books featured in the article: Solitaire, I'd Like to Say Sorry But There's...
The Watchlist: February 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends exciting new books in translation from Morocco, Argentina, Poland, Chile, Sweden, and Tunisia.
A Year Among the Boat People, My People
By Amir Ahmadi Arian
What brings people together isn’t language. If anything, when times are hard, shared language can deepen divisions.
We’re Hiring: Digital Engagement & Communications Manager
By Words Without Borders
Digital Engagement & Communications ManagerFull-timeRemote (Tristate area preferred)The digital engagement and communications manager will drive audience and engagement growth across Words Without…
Kristian Sendon Cordero. Photo copyright © Boyet Abrenica.
“The Varied Temperaments of Languages”
By Soleil Davíd
Not so many people think of the local languages as literary languages.
Various wooden letter blocks
Photo by Amador Loureiro on Unsplash
9 Writers to Read on International Mother Language Day
By The Editors of Words Without Borders
We highlight 9 writers working in their heritage languages, from Galician and Cebuano to Guaraní and Kaaps.
The Poem
By Mohsen Emadi
the poem is riding a bicycle; / trembling and in haste.
Translated from Persian by Sholeh Wolpé
How to Be a Woman in Tehran
By Habibe Jafarian
Any way you look at it, it’s this town that taught me to be ruthless.
Translated from Persian by Salar Abdoh
Fiona Sampson. Photo copyright © Ekaterina Voskresenskaya.
The City and the Writer: In London with Fiona Sampson
By Nathalie Handal
London, which seems all sprawl and braggadocio, is at the same time self-contained and fiercely defended.
A watercolor of a middle-aged woman from the shoulders up
An image from Igort's "The Story of Serafima Andreyevna," translated by Jamie Richards.
Voices from Ukraine: A Reading List
By The Editors of Words Without Borders
While some of this writing engages directly with the country's history of armed conflict with Russia, the majority addresses more quotidian themes
For the Love of the Books
By Habibe Jafarian
I was determined; one day I’d marry a book.
Translated from Persian by Salar Abdoh
Left, the book cover of Velorio. Right, a portrait of author Xavier Navarro Aquino.
Xavier Navarro Aquino. Photo copyright © Jayleen Santiago Díaz.
Breaking Language Open: Xavier Navarro Aquino on Writing Hurricane Maria in His Debut Novel
By Jacqui Cornetta
A multivoiced narrative was essential for the telling of the storm.
Words Without Borders Campus Launches Korean Literature Resource
WWB Campus presents a collection of Korean literature and accompanying resources for high school and college classrooms.
A Landscape of Claws
By Mónica Ojeda
That’s how it felt to sleep handcuffed to a table.
Translated from Spanish by Sarah Booker
“The Joy of Cultural Mixing”: Daljit Nagra on Retelling the Classic Ramayana in Punglish
By Samantha Schnee
Humor was essential for my Ramayana.
By Auður Jónsdóttir
Eyes gape at me over cups of coffee, forkfuls of delicate shrimp.
Translated from Icelandic by Meg Matich