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The covers of the thirteen books featured in the list arranged in three rows and overlapping slightly
Curved asphalt road on a foggy day in Lebanon
Photo by Dorsa Masghati on Unsplash
The covers of the books in the December Watchlist: Glossolalia, On the Isle of Antioch, The Archive...
Bright green fabric
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash
The covers of The King of India, Dogs of Summer, Yoga, Three Streets, Boulder, and A Summer Day...
Boat on the sea, an image from Mazen Kerbaj's graphic novel Dear B
A duplicate black-and-white portrait of Walt Whitman as an older man sporting a bushy beard.
Photo by Mathew Benjamin Brady, public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Mazen Kerbaj's Graphic Work We Have, Page Eight
Helicopter seeds on a maple tree
Photo by bales on Unsplash
February 2012 International Graphic Novels Volume Vi Letter To The Mother Mazen Kerbaj Page Thumbnail
February 2010 Worth Ten Thousand Words Part Iv International Graphic Novels From A Game For Swallows Zeina Abirached Page Thumbnail
March 2008 The Groves Of Lebanon A Short Description Of Lebanon Mazen Kerbaj Page Thumbnail
February 2008 Worth Ten Thousand Words A World Of Graphics Part Ii A Happy Childhood Mazen Kerbaj Page Thumbnail
A picture of several palm trees with coconuts on a windy day
Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash