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Graphic Literature

A Short Description of Lebanon

A Short Description Of Lebanon

Tableau 1:
Everything is cheap here

Tableau 2:
Drugs ?
We don't have drugs !
We only have some hashish , coke , heroin , extasy . free base ...
But no drugs

Tableau 3:
You have a great respect for human rights in lebanon ...
... if you know somebody in the government .

Tableau 4:
Racism ?
It doesn't exist in lebanon
All the white people are equal here

Tableau 5:
Arabs ?
There is no arabs here !!
We are all Phoenicians !

Tableau 6:
Censorship ?
Never !
You can say i whatever you want ... it won't be censored
Maximum , you get killed ...

Tableau 7:
How it is with women ?
Very easy
You just need a BMW

Copyright 2007 by Mazen Kerbaj. By arrangement with the author. All rights reserved.

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