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International Graphic Novels: Volume VI

February 2012

February brings our annual showcase of the international graphic novel. From time travel in Buenos Aires to rebirth in postwar Beirut, starvation in Mao’s China and assimilation in 1950s Paris, these artist-writers delineate character and plot with their singular styles. See how Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz and Grzegorz Janusz, Mazen Kerbaj, Li Kunwu and Philippe Ôtié, Nawel Louerrad, Héctor G. Oesterheld and Solano Lopez, Roannie and Oko,and Jérôme Ruillier make every picture tell a story.  WWB contributor Rutu Modan talks with Meg Storey about writing comics in Israel.

Letter to the Mother
By Mazen Kerbaj
Translated from French by Mazen Kerbaj & Ahmad Gharbieh
By Nawel Louerrad
Translated from French by Canan Marasligil
from “The Eternonaut,” Part II
By Héctor G. Oesterheld & Francisco Solano López
Translated from Spanish by Erica Mena
A Great Step Forward: Memoir of the Famine
By Li Kunwu & Philippe Ôtié
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
from “Les Mohameds”
By Jérôme Ruillier
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
By Krysztof Gawronkiewicz
Translated from Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
from “The International”
By Roannie & Oko
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
A Necessary Distance from Reality: An Interview with Rutu Modan
By Meg Storey
Rutu Modan is a rarity. One of the few established comics artists in Israel, she is also one of the few established female comics artists in the world. After graduating from Bezalel Academy of Art and…