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Graphic Literature


By Nawel Louerrad
Translated from French by Canan Marasligil
Performer: I'm nomadic

Director: May I remind you that we're looking for monsters ?
(One the notebook: Demonsterate!)

Performer: Exactly

Director: What exactly ? Nomadic isn't monstrous
And what's that tutu ?

Performer: I like tutus

Director: So do I
Other auditioning performers: What's going on ?

Other auditioning performers: Well ... It appears he has decided
Performer: I've been wearing this tutu since I was a kid

Performer: I was like any other kid

Other child: Hey ! Little girl ! That's a nice tutu !

Other child: HEY! LITTLE...NICE...TUTU
At that very moment , I became a monster .

Then I wasn't one anymore

I kept wandering in between , I became nomadic

Performer: I sometimes want to demonsterate I don't know what's stopping me from demonsterating

Performer (smoking): {PFFF}

Performer: I probably demonsterate through dance
Performer: I often see nomads in the street ...

Cat: Meow

(Newspaper title: El Waton)

Performer: I recognize their tutus of course , but there's something else in their look .
" Something different " ...

Performer: Actually , it's not the look , it's ordinary , just like mine , very ordinary
Performer: Good evening , Mom

Mom: You should buy a new tutu

Mom: I don't want people to think you can't afford it

Mom: Yes , Mom

How many tutus do I need to buy before I can demonsterate ?

I don't like replacing tutus , it makes me feel as if I am abandoning the former tutu too quickly ...
Mom: (gibberish talk bubble)

Performer: (gibberish talk bubble)

One tutu ... leading to ... another

At almost 40 I still dream I will demonsterate someday...
(no text)

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