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Graphic Literature

We Have

By Mazen Kerbaj
Translated from French by the author
Lebanon’s Mazen Kerbaj mourns what’s left of his pillaged country in this graphic literature piece.
We have oil to sell
Bring the drillers and the pipes
Get it out of the earth
And drink it!
And when you're stuffed let us know and we'll make you a coffee
We have huge tracts of land in deserts and oases
Invade it
And build fortresses on it
We have sunny coasts
Tan your armadas on their shores
We have a lot of money—thanks to your kindness
Put it in your banks
And in the hands of specialists
We have traditions
Show what amuses you
And tell us what would offend the public
We have veiled women
Spy on them from the smoked windows of your armored cars
We have clans and tribes
Use them in wars
We have professional flatterers and destroyers
Employ them in your public debates
We have nations that we don't want
Divide them according to your needs
Take a piece from here
A mountain from there
We have flocks of swallows
We used to have flocks of swallows
The ogre ate them one day

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