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Scenes from Woman Life Freedom

In a series of pen-and-ink drawings, Iranian artist Syd Fini portrays key figures in the country's ongoing Woman Life Freedom protests.
The prisoner depicted here is Mohammad Mehdi Karami, a protestor who said these words on a phone call from prison to his father. He was executed by the Islamic Republic regime on January 7, 2023, alongside another protestor, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini.
The man depicted here as being put on trial is the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader, Seyyed Ali Khamenei.
This image depicts footage of Mohsen Shekari’s mother in the street after receiving the news of her son’s execution on December 8, 2022, calling out his name and wailing. Mohsen Shekari was the first protestor of the Woman Life Freedom movement to be executed by the Islamic Republic regime.
Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini was another protestor executed by the Islamic Republic regime, alongside Mohammad Mehdi Karami, on January 7, 2023.
The image depicts a video of Leila Mahdavi, walking around and showing people a photo of her son. Siavash Mahmoudi was sixteen when he was killed by the regime’s bullets on September 21, 2022, during the protests.
This image depicts Sepideh Qoliyan, a political activist, who, in March 2023, upon her release from Evin Prison after several years inside, took her scarf off and shouted slogans against the supreme leader: “Khamenei, you evil Zahhak! We will pull you down and bury you.” She was arrested once again just hours later, on her way home, and later sentenced to another two-year prison term.
This artwork depicts some of the youth who have become symbols of the Woman Life Freedom revolutionary movement. Some were killed or arrested, while others survived the killing of their loved ones by the Islamic Republic regime.

© 2023 by Syd Fini. All rights reserved.


© 2023 by Syd Fini. All rights reserved.

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