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Dusty piano
Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash
Inside “Outside Music”
By Eric M. B. Becker
A playlist for Hernán Bravo Varela’s eulogy for his father and the music that he loved
Being Mangrove: Eliseu Cavalcante in Belmonte, Bahia, Brazil
By Eliseu Cavalcante
In Being Mangrove, Eliseu Cavalcante explores the relationship between humans and the mangrove forests of Bahia, Brazil.
It’s Cold and It’s Getting So Dark
By Carmen-Francesca Banciu
“I can’t sit up any more, she said. I can only lie in bed.”
Translated from German by Elena Mancini
That Deep Ocean…
By Ana Candida de Carvalho Carneiro
This month, we bring you the first of three winning entries in the Words without Borders – Play for Voices Radio Drama Contest.
Translated from Italian by Stephen Pidcock
Madres Terra
By Carlos Saavedra
A photo essay of mothers of the disappeared.
Metropolis Dynamics
By Lászlo Moholy-Nagy
This marks the first time that the Hungarian version of “Metropolis Dynamics” has been translated with its graphic layout and original linocuts intact.
Translated from Hungarian by Irina Denischenko & Bradley Gorski
Printing: On Layout
By Mieczysław Szczuka and Teresa Żarnowerówna
Translator Duda has upgraded nonsense phrasings with a nod to our digital age, and designer Kwiecień-Janikowski maintains the dynamism of the printed version, but again with a clever nod to our temporal remove.
Translated from Polish by Paulina Duda & Wojtek Kwiecień-Janikowski
New Art
By Bedřich Václavek
Václavek attempts to outline the ways in which developments in engineering and socialized labor practices are integral models for contemporary art practice.
Translated from Czech by Meghan Forbes
By Dragan Aleksić
A visual manifestation of New Typography’s potential power and visual dynamism, Aleksić’s use of nonsense words and enigmatic phrases conjure the chaos of the stock market.
Translated from Serbo-Croatian by Jennifer Zoble, Aleksandar Bošković & Ian McLellan Davis
Esperança Terena
By Eliseu Cavalcante
While he was with the Terena, he captured their lives: a mix of hope, spirituality, and a constant fear of losing their land once again.
The Shade of the Tenth Coconut Tree
By Kong Bunchhoeun
Silent and still, I stand / without words, waiting for you deep into darkness.
Translated from Khmer by Trent Walker
GaSouht and praCh as Told by Master Kong Nay
By praCh & Kong Nay
Rapper praCh and poet U Sam Ouer trade verses, and Kong Nay tells the story of praCh's life.
Recording: Nguxtapax, Yoxi, and the Five Countries
By The Ministry of Culture of Peru
The recording and transcript below make up one example of the oral storytelling traditions of Peru, this one from the Tikuna, the most numerous tribe in the Amazon. The recording is made in the Tikuna…
Translated from Spanish by Lucas Aznar Miles
Writing the Lives of Gaza: Video Interview with Atef Abu Saif
By Luisa Leme
Palestinian writer Atef Abu Saif, a finalist for the 2015 International Prize for Arabic Fiction, joined Words without Borders via Skype to read from his work and discuss the importance of writing…
Syria Speaks: An Interview with Zaher Omareen and Malu Halasa
By Beau Bothwell
Malu Halasa and Zaher Omareen are two of the editors of Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline.  This new anthology showcases Syrian essays, fiction, poetry, visual art and photography,…
Fragile States: Artwork from freeDimensional
By freeDimensional
Organized by freeDimensional, Fragile States is a group exhibition with artists from Iran, Burma, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Syria, and Malaysia. Fragile States explores the physical and…