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The Watchlist: January 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends exciting new books in translation from Mexico, Norway, Haiti, Argentina, and Japan.
Corona Is a Ball with Spikes
By Maria Parr
“It’s everybody versus corona.”
Translated from Norwegian by Guy Puzey
Deceptive Simplicity: International Children’s Literature
By Daniel Hahn
I often feel that adults forget what children’s stories are capable of.
Raur Gives His Blanket a Hug
By Maria Parr
“How am I supposed to be nice when nobody’s nice to me?”
Translated from Norwegian by Guy Puzey
Road Stories: International Writing on Travel
By Susan Harris
Some of the writers here document their own trips, while others invent characters and send them on the road.
Writing Dreams: New Norwegian Literature
By Kari Dickson
Norway is a dream that many people carry.
from Rage
By Monica Isakstuen
What if my rage has filled my core and transformed it?
Translated from Norwegian by Rosie Louise Hedger
The Whale That Blinked
By Andreas Tjernshaugen
In the Antarctic in particular, the blue whale nearly died out.
Translated from Norwegian by Lucy Moffatt
From the Other Side
By Roskva Koritzinsky
What happened next, I will never quite understand.
Translated from Norwegian by Becky Crook
Deciphered Desire
By Rebecca Dinerstein Knight
I soon learned that Norwegians deliver praise in the past tense.
In a Ditch
By Jan Kristoffer Dale
Kenneth felt his seat belt clamp across his chest and his stomach somersaulting as the car careened off the road.
Translated from Norwegian by Bruce Thomson
All the Way Home
By Levi Henriksen
Her face is like a page in a diary that has never been written.
Translated from Norwegian by Diane Oatley
By Linn Strømsborg
I always measured distances in songs. I measured everything in songs.
Translated from Norwegian by Olivia Lasky
I Condemn My Pathetic Heart and Soul
By Mona Høvring
For weeks she had behaved as though she were the only person to have ever had a nervous breakdown.
Translated from Norwegian by Rachel Rankin
Beyond Queer: The Queer Issue
By Susan Harris
The contributors to our Queer issues produce narratives that elude facile compartmentalization.
The Light Never Reaches Here
By Tina Åmodt
In the wilderness, you live in a simple house, you wake to your beloved’s face, you almost exclusively hear her voice.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce
By Merethe Lindstrøm
He was just a face, a hand, and the knife.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce
By Gunnhild Øyehaug
Wishes are balloons, Alice said, and death waits with a needle.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce
Journey toward the Island
By Laila Stien
Forty animals drowned. The people will never forget it.
Translated from Norwegian by Kerri Pierce
An Expansion, a Journey, a Knife
By Kerri Pierce
Each of the stories chosen for this feature presents us with characters in the midst of what are to them life-altering situations.
By Johan Harstad
“A 3-D portrait of the empathy one stranger experiences on behalf of another.”—Heidi Julavits
Translated from Norwegian by Deborah Dawkin & Erik Skuggevik