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The covers of the ten books featured in the gift guide
Your 2022 Holiday Gift Guide to Reading in Translation
By Isabella Corletto
Ten recent books in translation that the readers in your life are sure to enjoy this holiday season.
Late evening view on a bridge leading to Dutch countryside houses
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash
Welcome to the Real Holland
By Rodaan Al Galidi
When they chucked me out in the middle of the goddamn winter, you gave me your coat and seven euros.
Translated from Dutch by Jonathan Reeder
By Fahmi Mustaffa
I’m not like you, Pak.
Translated from Malay by Adriana Nordin Manan
A Pun, an Idiom, and an Expletive Walk into a Bar: International Humor
By Susan Harris
When we think of translating humor, we may think in terms of capturing jokes.
Safely Home: Short Prose from the Netherlands and Flanders
By Victor Schiferli & Sanneke van Hassel
What are the things that can’t be mentioned?
By Thijs de Boer
“I’ve lost Mom’s grave at cards.”
Translated from Dutch by Liz Waters
The Way to the Sea
By Elke Geurts
It hadn’t been moving as it was getting pushed out.
Translated from Dutch by Hester Velmans
By Mensje van Keulen
“Virgin eh? If you shout I’ll cut your throat.”
Translated from Dutch by Ina Rilke
Ten Floors
By Ton Rozeman
The Internet no longer suffices; real life beckons.
Translated from Dutch by Liz Waters
Dead Men Always Win
By Walter van den Berg
So you wouldn’t care if I crashed my car into a tree?
Translated from Dutch by Laura Watkinson
By Esther Gerritsen
“You’re not likely to live a long time with something like this.”
Translated from Dutch by Michele Hutchison
The Virgin Marino
By Yves Petry
Marino picks up the two lengths of rope on the table and ties the man’s wrists to the rings.
Translated from Dutch by Hester Velmans
White Feather
By Sanneke van Hassel
I said, “I love you. “Oh, my sweet,” she replied.
Translated from Dutch by Liz Waters
For an Easy Life
By Peter Terrin
She said that he could at least have the politeness to let her finish.
Translated from Dutch by David Colmer
Fucked Up
By Manon Uphoff
Some stories I make up and others gnaw their way out from inside.
Translated from Dutch by David Doherty
By Maartje Wortel
I work out like I swear: plenty and often.
Translated from Dutch by David Doherty
The Ohio Hat
By Anton Valens
I passed by the bed from time to time to check whether he was still alive.
Translated from Dutch by David McKay
The Bearded Lady
By Annelies Verbeke
“One of us, one of us,” the photos chanted.
Translated from Dutch by Liz Waters
from “Tooth and Nail”
By Arnon Grunberg
“Did you tell him? My boyfriend is at a conference about the Holocaust.”
Translated from Dutch by Sam Garrett