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International Graphic Novels: Volume V

February 2011

February brings our annual celebration of the international graphic novel. From bomb shelters in Gaza to prisons in Greece, surviving famine in Ukraine and negotiating high school in Paris, these international artist-writers delineate character and plot with their singular styles. See how Nine Antico, Chihoi, Christophe-Ngalle Edimo and Simon-Pierre Mbumbo, Eom Jeong-He and Ko Im-Hong, Igort, Rutu Modan and Igal Sarna, and David Prudhomme make every picture tell a story. (Chihoi’s tale is a translation within a translation, a graphic version of a story by Xi Xi, also appearing this month.) 

Two Million People in the Square: Scenes from the Revolution
By Magdy El Shafee
The people say: Step down now!
Translated from Arabic by Humphrey Davies
War Rabbit
By Rutu Modan & Igal Sarna
Translated from Hebrew by G. H. Freedman
The Story of Serafima Andreyevna
From Quaderni Ucraini. Copyright 2010 by Igort. Rights arranged through Nicolas Grivel. Translation copyright 2011 by Jamie Richards. All rights reserved.
Translated from Italian
from “Malamine”
By Christophe Ngalle Edimo & Simon-Pierre Mbumbo
From Malamine, un africain à Paris, by Christophe-Ngalle Edimo and Simon-Pierre Mbumbo. Published 2009 by Éditions Les Enfants Rouges. Copyright 2009 by Éditions Les Enfants Rouges. By arrangement with…
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
Davin Chan Moves Out
By Xi Xi
No matter how many times he put the kitten back down on the floor, it leaped right back up, even though the bed was many times its height.
Translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury
The Cat’s Coming (in a Left-Handed Version)
By Chihoi
Translation of “Zuopiezi manhuazhi mao laile.” Copyright Chihoi 2005. By arrangement with the author and Joint Publications. Translation copyright 2011 by Steve Bradbury. All rights reserved.
Translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury
from “A Taste of Paradise”
From Le goût du paradis, by Nine Antico. Copyright 2010 by Nine Antico. Rights arranged through Nicolas Grivel. Translation copyright 2011 by Anjali Singh. All rights reserved.
The Secret of Frequency A: An Incredible Disaster
The Secret of Frequency A is another example of the “North Korea as world savior” genre of comic books. North Korea has been active in Africa for decades, unbeknownst to the typical American (you can…
Translated by Saskia Vogel
from “Rébétiko (la mauvaise herbe)”
From Rébétiko (la mauvaise herbe). Published 2009 by Futuropolis. Copyright 2009 by Futuropolis. By arrangement with the publisher. Rights arranged through Nicolas Grivel for the Sylvain Coissard Agency,…