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Graphic Literature

From “That Was Happiness”

By Blutch
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
Mom: It's easy you'll spend a week at Dad's , and a week at Mom's

Kid: Is a week a lot ?


Mom:'s a week
Seven days

Kid: What day is it today ?
Mom: Uh ..... today is

Dad: Wednesday

Kid: Oh , OK .


Mom: I can explain it on the board (?) me better

Mom: I'm not taking your marker's I'm just trying to show you



Mom: Good grief !


Mom: Fore Would you please lend me your markers?

Kid: OK , Mom. All lend you them
Mom: And will you let me draw on your whiteboard ?

Kid: Yeah , OK

Mom: Thanks


Mom: So , this is Dad's house and this one on the right is mom's house

Kid: No , Mom ! your has lots of windows.
Mom: You're right, I'll add some

Kid: Dad's house isn't red , Mom


Mom: I made it red on purpose to show the difference between the two houses . yeah ?

Kid: yeah


Mom: and here's your school

Kid: Mom, am I going to school tomorrow ?
Mom: Uh .... ys .

Kid: Am I eating at the cafeteria ?

Mom: Well, yes


Kid: WAAAH ! I don't wanna eat at the cafeteria

Dad: Now hold on a sec! Who said anything about that ?

Kid: The cafeteria workers


Dad: Listen up ! Mommy's trying to tell you something

Kid: I hate the cafeteria
Mom: Now some nights , Daddy will come pick you up from schools and you'll go to his house.


Mom: and other times , I'll pick you up , and we'll come home

Kid: To your house ?

Mom: Yes


Dad: See, it's easy you'll have two houses , two rooms .

Kid: When I'm at Dad's , where will you be , Mom ?

Mom: Well , be at home or at the office
Kid: Can't I come see you ?

Mom: Of course you can, (?) You can come see me whenever you want

Kid: You'll stay with me ?


Mom: Of course I will

Kid: Always ?

Mom: Always
Kid: My family's not going to die?

Dad: Who said anything about dying? No one's going to die

From C’était le bonheur. Published 2005 by Futuropolis. Copyright 2005 by Futuropolis. By arrangement with the publisher. Rights arranged through Nicolas Grivel for the Sylvain Coissard Agency, France. Translation copyright 2010 by Edward Gauvin. All rights reserved.

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