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February 2010

(Worth) Ten Thousand Words, Part IV: International Graphic Novels

February brings our annual celebration of the international graphic novel. Dodging bullets in Beirut and facing divorce in Paris, scaling Chinese peaks and prowling the Cairene underworld, these international artist-writers delineate character and plot with all sorts of lines. See how Zeina Abirached, Blutch, Albert Cossery and Golo, Marc Legendre, Galit Seliktar and Gilad Seliktar, and Wei Tsung-Cheng make every picture tell a story. In related pieces, Michael McDonald draws out translator Marina Harss, and Tomas Kołodziejczak considers the intersection of Polish politics and comics. And elsewhere, Sony Labou Tansi courts the body politic, and David Albahari tries to shrink a weighty head.

Animal Farm; or, a Short and Somewhat Political History of Comics in Poland
By Tomasz Kołodziejczak
The GoatPolish comics began in 1919 with the publication in the Lvov satirical weekly Szczutek (“Fillip”) of With Fire and Sword; or, The Adventures of Mad Grześ, about a young soldier…
Translated from Polish by Michael Kandel
His Majesty: The Stomach
By Sony Labou Tansi
Doctors, Poinçon, I want doctors! Specialists.
Translated from French by Kristin Prevallet & Raymond G. Hounfodji
from “Proud Beggars”
By Albert Cossery & Golo
What does a man need to live? A bit of bread is enough.
Translated by Lulu Norman
Head Weight
By David Albahari
In all honesty, Ruben was at a loss to explain what was happening to him.
Translated from Serbian by Ellen Elias-Bursać
Translating Dino Buzzati: A Conversation with Marina Harss
In addition to her freelance writing for the New Yorker’s Goings On About Town and her frequent forays into dance criticism, Marina Harss is also a versatile and prolific translator from French,…