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February 2007

(Worth) Ten Thousand Words: A World Of Graphics

Our first foray into international graphic writing finds work antic and sober, documentary and fanciful, all combining words and images to singular narrative effect. David B. shows France learning to stop worrying and love the bomb, while Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot imagine a more explosive encounter in the pyramids. Grzegorz Janusz and Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz set a Polish detective on the trail of the meaning of life. Ilia Kitup reveals the secrets of modern Russia in his "Only True Guide to Moscow." Elke Steiner salutes the German medical superhero Käte Frankenthal. Jorge Garcia and Fidel Martinez's female political prisoner struggles with the perpetual confinement of the Franco dictatorship. And Russian Eufrosinia Kersnovskaia combines gritty detail with watercolors both gentle and stark in her wrenching Siberian Gulag journal. We thank Corey Sauer, patron of the graphic arts, for his generous support.

WWB mourns the loss of the agent Ray-Güde Mertin, whose untiring efforts to promote the work of Hispanic and Lusophone writers internationally was instrumental to the careers of José Saramago, Lygia Fagundes Telles, and Juan José Saer, among many others. She will be missed by writers and editors around the world.

Offering II
You are earth. You lie beneath everything. Everything is above you. Even the earth's crust. You are water. You are afraid of and for the stones you will strike as you flow. You stop for fear that…
Translated from Turkish
House of the Edge
Retreat to places that smell of soapGo to wet balconiesWrap your hands in cool, damp gauzeScrub your flesh stark whitePurify your tongue and all you've seenGather your illuminated words onto snow…
Translated from Turkish
Seven Aches
After grasping the games and their rulesThe fatigue of participation becomes less and less bearable.Straight after grasping the knowledge of gainOne must leave the game;This is not the story of losingBut…
Translated from Turkish
From Castorp
By Paweł Huelle
Translator’s Note: Polish author Paweł Huelle was inspired to write his novel Castorp when he found a line in Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain mentioning that the hero, Hans Castorp, had spent…
Translated from Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
from Wanderings
In the Country of Sands There are hours apart, very mysteriously privileged moments, when certain lands reveal to us, during sudden intuition, their soul, in some way their own essence, when we develop…
Translated from French