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Graphic Literature

A Bomb in the Family

By David B.
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
At 1:30 in the morning , the dog began to whimper . We turned the TV on : it was war .
The next day , after work , a bomb was waiting at the bus stop .
It followed me all the way home ...

I rushed to the phone .
Person 1: Hello , police ?
But the army came by instead .
Person 1: What is it ?
Army Person 1: Top secret , not at liberty !
You're not the only ones !
Army Person 2: You'll have to find it a place in your home .
Person 1: Perhaps the cellar ?
Person 2: What if it took offense and blew up ?

Person 2: You'll be very comfortable staying in the guest room .
The bomb sat down on the bed . This human act eased my mind a little .
Person 1: Um ... Good night .
The next morning , missiles of all sorts dogged the footsteps of citydwellers .

Sign: ROXY
The most absurd theories proliferated .
Bar Patron 1: The government's scattering its arms to keep them from being an easy target .
Bar Patron 2: I say they're enemy arms that deserted .
The media and the authorities maintained Silence about the bombs . We were left to our own devices .

We got to Know our guest .
Person 1: Here it is . A 250 pound laser - guided Harpoon class bomb .

Kid 1: Cool !
It did us small favors , like taking out the dog ...

... or watching the kids .
Kid 1: I'm totally Saddam and I just launched a SCUD at you !
Kid 2: And I'm Colin Power !
Kid 1: Powell , not Power .
I stopped taking the bus to work .

Sign: LONDO-

Person 1: These bombs are great . At first they took us off guard , but they've turned out quite handy .

First published 1997 as La Bombe Familiale by L’Association. Copyright David B. By arrangement with L’Association. Translation copyright 2007 by Edward Gauvin. All rights reserved.

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