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Graphic Literature

Run Movie 6: The Duck

By Philippe Dupuy
Translated from French by Helge Dascher
Man: Damn ! I need to piss .

Man: Ah ! I think there are bathrooms here !


Read on the note: open from 11:30 to 7am

Man: Huh ? They're closed in the morning !

Man: Man ! What a drag . I won't be able to run if I need to piss .
I've gotta Piss .

Man: Aw , Screw it ! I'll find a hidden spot in the bushes .

Man: I know I shouldn't , but they could've left the toilets open !
Off screen voice: Hey , what're you doing ?

Off screen voice: You've got some nerve !

Duck: Do you like it when people piss on your doorstep ?

Man: Uh - no . I hate it .

Man: But the toilets are closed . They don't open till noon . As if people didn't need to take a leak in the morning !

Duck: Hm ... You've got a point . Come in , I'll let you use my bathroom .
Duck: Down the hall the left .
Man: Thanks...

Duck: Cigar ?

Man: No thanks .

Duck: Cup of coffee ?
Whisky ?

Man: A glass of water would be nice .

{gluglugluglug ....}

Duck: Heck of a mess , huh ?

Man: ?

Duck: You know , people say the Space you live in is a Reflection of your inner self...
Duck: Hm !

Duck: I've always been a curious beast ...

Duck: I wanted to learn , I did many interesting things ...

Duck: Back when I could still travel , I traveled . I met fascinating people . I had a great life .

Duck: I was happy .
Duck: And then one day , out of the blue , I panicked .

Duck: Looking at what I'd discovered and what defined me , I panicked !

Duck: I thought : is this all I am , in the face of so much wealth and diversity ? Will I die without knowing all there is to know ?

Duck: Instead of turning to the treasures I already had inside , I set out in search of all the things I had yet to experience ....

I traveled the world , frantic ...
Sign: GATE A-7
I wanted to see every country .

Learn every skill ...

I became a Buddhist , read the Koran and the Bible , immersed myself in Voodoo and Mexican Ritual ...

I wanted to discover every kind of music , understand every kind of art .

I tried to split myself ten ways to learn every language , absorb every culture .

I was methodical . I drew up lists , but every item was a list in itself ...
The more I wore myself out , the more I saw how far I still had to go ...

... and the harder I worked to step up the pace .

Duck: But I had missed the point .

Duck: With all that chasing around , I had forgotten about the world inside me ...

Duck: One day , I collapsed , exhausted ... Wiped out ...

Duck: I had run away from myself . I was so afraid of dying without knowing everything that I almost disappeared with out knowing myself .
Duck: I'm trying to put myself back together now , but all these objects are such a burden...

Duck: I don't know what to do with them .

Man: Give them away ! It's not having them that matters , but knowing why you set out to find them in the first place .

Duck: Get rid of them ? I can't just throw them out , can I ?
Man: Who said throw them out ? Whenever anybody pisses in your backyard , give them a gift ...

Man: And pull out a forgotten memory that matters and belongs to nobody but you .

Duck: If you need to use the bathroom , don't hesitate...

Man: Good - bye.

Duck: It's contemporary art .

Man: That's what thought...

Duck: And you too - anytime somebody pisses on your doorstep , give them a gift !

Man: We'll see about that

From Haunted. Forthcoming from Drawn and Quarterly. By arrangement with the publisher and with Éditions Cornélius. All rights reserved.

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