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Bojana Coulibaly

Bojana Coulibaly

Bojana Coulibaly

Bojana Coulibaly is the African Language Program Manager at Harvard. She taught African literary and cultural studies at Harvard, Rutgers, Gaston Berger University, and the University of Orléans, and was a Fulbright recipient in Comparative Literature at Gaston Berger University. She holds a PhD in African Studies from the University of Orleans-Tours. Her work focuses on publishing in African languages, African languages acquisition, and the promotion of African languages in education and the African public space. Dr. Coulibaly is the managing editor of EJO Editions, a publishing house specializing in literature written in Wolof and other Senegalese national languages founded by Boubacar Boris Diop.

Articles by Bojana Coulibaly

A retro radio sits in focus
La radio by mariateresa toledo is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
An Ordinary Monday Morning
By Boubacar Boris Diop
I’ll speak up, I’ll be fearless, and I swear to never back down until I have prevailed against the powerful trying to lock up the weak in a dark hole.
Translated from Wolof by El Hadji Moustapha Diop & Bojana Coulibaly