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Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Pun, an Idiom, and an Expletive Walk into a Bar: International Humor
By Susan Harris
When we think of translating humor, we may think in terms of capturing jokes.
Tito and Taxidermy, or What If Tito Had Been on Twitter?
By Ajla Terzić
The human factor is not essential. Sunscreen—now that’s essential.
Translated from Bosnian by John K. Cox
Three Myths of Immigrant Writing: A View from Germany
By Saša Stanišiç
An “immigrant background” has become a symptom of today’s world, a world suffering from ADHD and a persistent pattern of hyperactivity, as well as from impulsiveness and anger.
Translated from German by the author
Episode #18 of “Joseph and His Brothers”
By Karim Zaimović
The world is a vast tapestry, and everything in it happens at random.
Translated from Bosnian by Ellen Elias-Bursać
From “How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone”
By Saša Stanišiç
I didn’t understand him, he didn’t understand me.
Translated from German by Anthea Bell