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Andrei Bitov’s “The Symmetry Teacher”

Andrei Bitov describes his book "The Symmetry Teacher" as a “novel-echo,” a palimpsest of a text which, as he explains in his preface, is his Russian “translation” of an obscure and untraceable English novel by a writer called A. Tired-Boffin.

Dorothy Tse’s “Snow and Shadow”

Dorothy Tse’s third book, "Snow and Shadow," is a collection of surreal stories set in a fantastical version of Hong Kong.

Guadalupe Nettel’s “Natural Histories”

In each of her five short stories, Nettel places humans under the microscope and examines them at their most fragile and desperate.

July 2014

Piece by Piece They’re Taking My World Away

I say we go. It can’t be worse than it is here.

Slaves of Moscow

Once there, they had been robbed of their passports and forced to work without pay for twenty hours a day.


He says that was the most ingenious smokescreen he’s ever seen in his life.

The Gold Watch

''The clock inside has no numbers, it has only memories.''

Me and Mycobacterium tuberculosis

"And that shadowy bit you see up there, that’s the thing that has me worried."

The Bamboo Stalk

“Do you know how many policemen’s numbers I have in my phone?”

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