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Graphic Literature

Ernst Blofeld crying and holding a cat, an image from Matti Hagelberg's graphic work How Ernst...
Image copyright © Matti Hagelberg
How Ernst Stavro Blofeld Saved Christmas
By Matti Hagelberg
Just as Hansel and Gretel are destroying the evidence, down through the chimney plops Ernst Stavro Blofeld . . .
Translated from Finnish by Lola Rogers
Boat on the sea, an image from Mazen Kerbaj's graphic novel Dear B
Dear B.
By Mazen Kerbaj
I still miss you after all this time.
Translated from French by Mercedes Claire Gilliom
Liberty and Hope
By Francisco de la Mora
So this is how it all ends . . .
Translated from Spanish by Nina Perrotta
A Subjective History of Lebanon
By Mazen Kerbaj
Translated by Edward Gauvin
Gay Giant
By Gabriel Ebensperger
Have you ever had the feeling that even if you wanted to, you’d never blend in?
Translated by Kelley D. Salas
Tiananmen 1989: Our Shattered Hopes
By Lun Zhang, Adrien Gombeaud & Améziane
Not a day goes by that I don't go back to Tiananmen Square.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
A Seam of Light and Black
By Moussa Kone, Walter Pamminger & Bastian Schneider
The outlooks and the insights need to be revised.
Translated by Verena Aschbacher
By Mélanie Leclerc
It's as if my childhood was preparing me for the camera, the photo, the image, and the documentary.
Translated by Sean Gasper Bye
South of Alameda
By Lola Larra & Vicente Reinamontes
But three days ago, everything changed.
Translated by Cael Orrego
The View
By Marlon Hacla & Apol Sta. Maria
An escalating inquiry into the passage of time.
Translated by Kristine Ong Muslim
Crocodiles Are Everywhere
By Juliette Boutant & Thomas Mathieu
He's touching me.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
Beirut Trilogy
By Barrack Rima
Protests against the government's incompetence multiply.
Translated by Carla Calargé & Alexandra Gueydan-Turek
St. Barbara
By Marek Šindelka, Vojtěch Mašek & Marek Pokorný
It's not your job to solve this case.
Translated from Czech by Julia Sherwood & Peter Sherwood
By Jake Raynal
Like most gruesome crimes, the case also reveals something of society's ills.
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
February 2019 International Graphic Novel Scenes From Schlechtfreund Vojtech Masek Dzian Baban Feature
Scenes from Schlechtfreund
By Vojtěch Mašek & Džian Baban
At least five hundred pages, otherwise there's no point!
Translated from Czech by Martha Kuhlman & David Randl
February 2019 International Graphic Novel After The Spring A Tunisian Youth Helene Aldeguer Feature
From After the Spring
By Hélène Aldeguer
He was 27! Just 27! Barely older than us!
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
February 2019 International Graphic Novel Grass Keum Suk Gendry Kim Feature
From “Grass”
By Keum Suk Gendry-Kim
I had no idea I wouldn't be coming back.
Translated by Janet Hong
February 2019 International Graphic Novel City Of Fear Didier Kassai Feature
From City of Fear
By Didier Kassaï
The troops were led by poachers, tea-sellers, thrift store owners, and ex-convicts who'd turned into officers.
Translated from French by André Naffis-Sahely
February 2019 International Graphic Novel Love Hate Relationship Andre Diniz Feature
A Love-Hate Relationship
By André Diniz
I prefer a Paulistano's frown over a Carioca's smile.
Translated from Portuguese by Pedro Bouça
Painful Games
By Lena Merhej
A shattering pain, or intense euphoria
Translated from Arabic by Ghenwa Hayek
By Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo & Catherine Anyango Grünewald
It's almost impossible to get in, but getting kicked out is easy.
Translated by Saskia Vogel
Spit Three Times
By Davide Reviati
They're not made to live in houses like we are.
Translated by Jamie Richards
Knock ’em Dead
By Lucie Lomová
I know he's a faker, but missing the premiere . . .
Translated by Alex Zucker
The Hundred-Hour War
By David B. & Jean-Pierre Filiu
In April 1991, Saddam Hussein took back control of his country in its entirety.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
The I-Formula
By Thomas von Steinaecker & Barbara Yelin
Now, suddenly, everything was perfectly logical.
Translated by Edna McCown
from Abadaringi
By Jeroen Janssen
Those are things you mustn't ask questions about. Some people get sad.
Translated by Michele Hutchison
June 2017 Queer Where Are You My Love Beldan Sezen Feature
Where Are You, My Love?
By Beldan Sezen
© 2017 Beldan Sezen. Translation of the text © 2017 Charlotte Collins. Translation of the signs and newspaper headlines © 2017 Canan Marasligil. All rights reserved.
Translated from German by Charlotte Collins & Canan Marasligil
The Minibus
By Naz Tansel
What do you want us to do, sit on their heads?
Translated by Canan Marasligil
An Endless Green Line
By Gianluca Costantini & Elettra Stamboulis
Every town had two soccer teams. A right-wing one and a left-wing one.
Translated from Italian by Jamie Richards
Urban Tails
By Ilana Zeffren
Where are they? It's late.
Translated by the author
By Monika Szydłowska
Heniek always wanted to leave.
Translated by Sean Gasper Bye
Men and Beasts
By Daniel Sixte & Sinzo Aanza
Listen up—it's not just General anymore. I'm Marshal General now.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
By The Trantraal Brothers
© The Trantraal Brothers. By arrangement with the authors. Translation © 2017 by the Trantraal Brothers. All rights reserved.
Translated by the author
By Francisco de la Mora & José Luis Pescador Huerta
You have not yet realized that you are misunderstanding everything.
Translated by Gabriela Mejan
Forty-four Years Later
By Michaël Olbrechts
I'm going to take you to the interbellum period, to 1936.
Translated by Michele Hutchison
The Strange
By Jérôme Ruillier
Lots of stranges aren't here legally.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
The Fall
By Galit Seliktar & Gilad Seliktar
It parachuted down.
Translated by On Barak
from A Short Guide to Being the Perfect Political Refugee
By Mana Neyestani
This number is your identity.
Translated by Ghazal Mosadeq
from Le Piano Oriental
By Zeina Abirached
Fifteen years later, I was the one who left.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
Flapflap Blues
By Mazen Kerbaj
In the sky, never much. In the streets, always too much.
Translated by Mercedes Claire Gilliom
Noodling in New York
By Akino Kondoh
No Japanese person would call a cat Thomas Jefferson.
Translated by Jocelyne Allen
The Sea Girl & the Prince
By Chae Kyeong-weon & Bae In-yeong
What! Who could this strange man be?
Translated by Bella Dalton-Fenkl
The Dump
By Chakib Daoud
I put everything I had into this dump.
Translated from Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette & Nariman Youssef
Black Spring
By Maxence Emery & Thomas Humeau
After Batista's dictatorship, Castro had the support of an entire people.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
A Whim of the Gods
By Hippolyte & Patrick de Saint-Exupéry
Dump trucks from the Department of Public Safety came for the bodies.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
By Paolo Bacilieri
In hindsight, it couldn't have happened anywhere but here.
Translated by Jamie Richards
By Maximilien Le Roy & Soulman
You let Jews into your home? The people who killed your brother!
Translated by Mercedes Claire Gilliom
Tell Me Where to Go
By Kim Han-min
You're a born stranger. You'll feel out of place in every country.
Translated by Jamie Chang & Sora Kim-Russell
A Human Act
By Manfredi Giffone, Fabrizio Longo & Alessandro Parodi
For very important murders, the consent of the commission is required.
Translated by Adrian Nathan West
Gabo: A Magical Life
By Oscar Pantoja, Tatiana Córdoba & Felipe Camargo
Gabo saw a shattered landscape, aged, forgotten by its people.
Translated by Lawrence Schimel
The Art of Falling
By Inga Sætre
How can anyone predict the future if it's not already mapped out?
Translated by Rosie Louise Hedger
Full Body Scan
By Miki Golod
Do you know anyone who died in the army?
Translated by the author
from “Obi’s Nightmare”
By Jamón y Queso
All right! I love this movie!
Translated from Portuguese by Shook
February 2014 The Girls Of Nizhny Novgorod Victoria Lomasko Preview Cropped
The “Girls” of Nizhny Novgorod
By Victoria Lomasko
It's the cops who make legalization necessary.
Translated by Thomas Campbell
February 2014 Hadar Reuven The Sugar Expert Preview
The Sugar Expert
By Hadar Reuven
They reached the streetlight every time, except once.
Translated by Hadar Reuven & Shachar Galek
Apartment in Bab el-Louk
The Apartment in Bab el-Louk
By Donia Maher & Ganzeer
Outside your window, Cairo's nooks and crannies are lonely and forsaken, like a deserted crime scene.
Translated from Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette
I Am a Communist
By Kun-woong Park
In February of 1949, police officers stormed in without warning.
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell & Jamie Chang
Weapons of Mass Diplomacy
By Abel Lanzac & Christophe Blain
Look, seriously, he's gonna make you rewrite it ten times.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
Modotti: A Woman of the Twentieth Century
By Ángel De la Calle
The epitaph on her tombstone was written by Pablo Neruda.
Translated by Matt Madden
Hysteric Behavior #3
By Dan Allon
It's actually nice to talk to strangers.
Translated by G. H. Freedman