Book Reviews

Göran Rosenberg’s “A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz”

A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz—part history, part memoir, part essay on the meaning of survival—insists that the Holocaust didn’t end in 1945. The book challenges the powerful redemptive narrative offered by even official histories

Kamel Daoud’s “The Meursault Investigation”

Kamel Daoud's The Meursault Investigation is a tale told in order to give the anonymous victim in Camus’s The Stranger a name—Musa—and a story of his own.

Enrique Vila-Matas’s “The Illogic of Kassel”

Kassel is a work of chaos. On the surface, this is narrative by association, the aestheticization of the experience of confronting contemporary art, which inevitably includes the turning over of one’s ideas of what is and what isn’t art.

July 2015

Introduction: Emerging German Writers

Like many other literatures, contemporary German writing is part reaction against previous generations and part continuation of traditions.

You Turn Your Head, I Turn My Head

Do I build a tree house without you?

The Legal Haziness of a Marriage

Ten days was too long for a conversion and too short for a re-education.

Rickshaw Diaries

Anyone wearing such a provocative pair of lederhosen is asking for trouble and shouldn’t be surprised to get it.

After Half a Life

Call me Beatrice, she says. I wasn’t sent by any god.

In Praise of an American Egg Wholesaler

"American chicken breasts will keep Europe at peace!”

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