Book Reviews

Antal Szerb’s “Journey by Moonlight”

This phantasmal, complex novel of ideas takes place in a “wild, precipitous landscape”

Venedikt Erofeev’s “Walpurgis Night”

Current events can make us wonder: In times of tremendous violence, do literary questions and conflicts matter at all?

David Albahari’s “Globetrotter”

This sense of absence pervades the characters’ ideas of national identity — all of them are personally defined by things they lacked in their pasts, either symbolically, literally, or both.

October 2014

Syria Speaks: An Interview with Zaher Omareen and Malu Halasa

"He had this sudden realization that what was happening in Hama was happening now."

Some Other Zoo

I explained at the top of my voice that my daughter had disappeared.


His father had just been taken down from the branch of a ceiba tree.

Paranoid City

Inside the trunk was another lifeless body.

“The Mastermind”: An Act of Translation

No one can understand what is going on in Guatemala.

from “With Absolute Passion”

I go in and out of memories as one fighting to stay awake.

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