Book Reviews

Xu Zechen’s “Running through Beijing”

To the average Westerner, reared on crisp autumn breezes and revitalizing spring air, Beijing’s tianqi, its weather, is a surreal departure.

Hassan Blasim’s “The Corpse Exhibition: And Other Stories of Iraq”

Hassan Blasim's Iraq is a debased and deadly place

Rodolfo Walsh’s “Operation Massacre”

Walsh was sitting in a café when a man approached him and said cryptically: “One of the executed men is alive.”

April 2014

Texts Written without the Author’s Knowledge

The screech of streetcars falls silent. Juice trickles from a windfall pomegranate

Say Ah, Pelican

Eventually the boats were no more than little dots in the sky

from “I’ll Be Right There”

When whales swim toward the coastline, they sound like North Korean spy submarines

Injeolmi Rice Cakes

I would collapse on the warm floor and sleep like a cat.

The Vegetarian

"Your body smells of meat."


I can't write a single sentence.

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