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By Lee Jong San
I heard that their overflowing hormones made them dangerously seductive.
Translated from Korean by Victoria Caudle
College Folk
By Kim Bong-gon
Caught off guard, we were laughably weak.
Translated from Korean by Kyoung-lee Park
By Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro
It's not very clear to me if he was asking for help or wanting me to leave them alone.
Translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel
The Lost Language of Crane Operators
By Matteo B. Bianchi
Perhaps I’m not ready yet to plan out my entire future, but right now these are the arms I need around me.
Translated from Italian by Wendell Ricketts
Scissors, Shining
By Lu Min
Oh, Master Song, who would have guessed your heart was hard as steel?
Translated from Chinese by Michael Day
So Long, Luise
By Céline Minard
This night sealed, consecrated, my future as a writer absolutely.
Translated from French by Jeffrey Zuckerman
Abel’s Autobiography
By Kári Tulinius
I had two choices: I could wrest back control of my life or I could die.
Translated from Icelandic by Larissa Kyzer
Search: Porn
By Stefan Bošković
I guzzle the wine and ask him if he likes women now.
Translated from Montenegrin by Will Firth
About My Daughter
By Kim Hye-jin
These kids could be just clever, fancy thugs.
Translated from Korean by Anton Hur
By Simonetta Olivo
He still loves her, so he complies. He runs the simulation all over again.
Translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb
AIwakening and AIdolon
By Francesco Verso
They’ve taken care of the medical expenses ever since “posthumous” became synonymous with “posthuman.”
Translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb
Bea’s Egg and Esmeralda in Bloom
By Emanuela Valentini
Inside it floated a tiny infant, in every way like a human being, except for its minuscule, as yet featherless, wings.
Translated from Italian by Sarah Jane Webb
By Abdulaziz al-Omairi
I huddled in sorrow beside the warmth of my wound.
Translated from Arabic by Rawad Wehbe
A bitter orange tree
Copyright © Jared Preston / CC BY-SA 3.0
Bitter Orange
By Jokha Alharthi
In this excerpt from 2019 Man Booker International winner Jokha Alharthi's novel Bitter Orange Tree, an Omani student dredges up her grandmother’s troubled past and grows entangled in the personal dilemmas of her fellow international students.
Translated from Arabic by Marilyn Booth
The Shadow of Hermaphroditus
By Badriya al-Badri
Nothing can force me to go on living beneath Hermaphroditus’s long shadow—one half wearing the other, half a woman leaning on half a man.
Translated from Arabic by Ghayde Ghraowi
The Tears of an Unknown Artist, or Zaytun Pasta, Part III
By Sang Young Park
We were five minutes out on our jeep when the sound of an explosion big enough to shake the car resounded from behind us.
Translated from Korean by Anton Hur
Story of a Sheet
By Alejandro Zambra
Days before my dad set the house on fire, there was a sheet drying bit by bit.
Translated from Spanish by Megan McDowell
A pill casting a long shadow
Photo by Alexander Van Steenberge
A Bitter Pill
By Alia Trabucco Zerán
I would have ironed my own hands had I not needed them to iron.
Translated from Spanish by Sophie Hughes
By Eduardo Plaza
It was impossible to talk to a dead man, so I talked to her instead.
Translated from Spanish by Rahul Bery
The Head of Household Manifesto
By Catalina Mena
The hearth is a fire that’s always being extinguished.
Translated from Spanish by Susannah Greenblatt
My Name’s Nancy
By Bruno Lloret
When did you agree to live like a widow before your time?
Translated from Spanish by Ellen Jones
Chilean Electric
By Nona Fernández
Nobody couldn’t have a belly button.
Translated from Spanish by Natasha Wimmer
By Clara Ng
And why couldn’t you get Cen to talk while she was asleep, anyway?
Translated from Indonesian by Toni Pollard
The Tears of an Unknown Artist, or Zaytun Pasta, Part II
By Sang Young Park
I knew better than anyone else that Oh was not gay, that he was just using these rumors.
Translated from Korean by Anton Hur
The Biography of a Newborn Baby
By Raudal Tanjung Banua
But what did a baby have to show for its life?
Translated from Indonesian by Harry Aveling
Event Horizon
By Balsam Karam
The sun rose over the mountaintop in a blaze of blue and green and so the day began.
Translated from Swedish by Saskia Vogel & Alice Olsson
From “Wretchedness”
By Andrzej Tichý
He said, this is real, and then he pulled up his shirt and showed us the scars under his arm.
Translated from Swedish by Nichola Smalley
The Tears of an Unknown Artist, or Zaytun Pasta
By Sang Young Park
I went to Iraq to make a queer film the likes of which the world had never seen.
Translated from Korean by Anton Hur
By Shirin Nezammafi
They were the hands of someone who had never heard of hand cream.
Translated from Japanese by Aoi Matsushima
From Rainbow Bird
By Shun Medoruma
Even after the credits stopped rolling and the blue government warning turned into a blizzard of static, Katsuya kept staring at the screen, a vague grin on his face.
Translated from Japanese by Sam Malissa
Tokyo Ueno Station
By Yu Miri
My reticence and my incompetence troubled me more than my appearance, but most intolerable was my unluckiness.
Translated from Japanese by Morgan Giles
Black Teeth and Blue Hair
By Afonso Henriques de Lima Barreto
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Ignorance is a kind of blindness.”
Translated from Portuguese by Eric M. B. Becker
In Aflitos
By Jean Wyllys
She was furious! She grew silent again, went upstairs, and searched the nightstand. The pistol was there.
Translated from Portuguese by John Keene
Remains of a Party in Condesa
By Ariel Urquiza
The clown had put the platter of coke on his head, like a waiter carrying a tray.
Translated from Spanish by Samantha Schnee
Endless Universe
By Bùi Ngọc Tấn
The passion and blind devotion are no longer. The ending is near.
Translated from Vietnamese by Nguyễn Hoàng Quyên
The Sitting Woman
By Trần Thị NgH
I had just finished reading Francoise Sagan’s Bonjour Tristesse and he had imagined me as Odile from André Maurois’ Climats.
Translated from Vietnamese by Kaitlin Rees
From “Crossroads and Lampposts”
By Trần Dần
He said it was politics disguised as debauchery.
Translated from Vietnamese by David Payne
A Dream
By Dương Nghiễm Mậu
Does he know I intend to murder him?
Translated from Vietnamese by Nguyễn Hoàng Quyên
Our Village
By Mohan Das Namishray
It would be difficult to find a single man whose back had not been scarred by the whip of the thakur or his agents.
Translated from Hindi by Laura Brueck & Christi A. Merrill
By Ölziitögs Luvsandorj
When I bought this aquarium I didn't realize I was preparing my own casket.
Translated from Mongolian by Sainbayar Gundsambuu & KG Hutchins
By Suraj Badtiya
Although his name wasn’t Gujji to begin with, he was Gujji now.
Translated from Hindi by John Vater
By Norov Dalkhaa
These were not the eyes of a dog.
Translated from Mongolian by Sainbayar Gundsambuu & KG Hutchins
By Erdene Seng
“Damn it! What the hell is going on?”
Translated from Mongolian by Kenneth Linden
The Case of the Quota Candidate
By Anita Bharti
We are here to teach, not to meddle in the affairs of other people.”
Translated from Hindi by Swarnim Khare
By Ajay Navaria
“There must be a misunderstanding.
Translated from Hindi by Laura Brueck
Meskhi vs. Meskhi
By Teona Dolenjashvili
He has never looked less like a potential father.
Translated from Georgian by Philip Price
Little Dipper
By Naira Gelashvili
“I’ve been dreaming about this all my life, to kiss the Little Dipper.
Translated from Georgian by Mary Childs
The Killer
By Beka Kurkhuli
He swam through the thick white sea and he could no longer feel his heart.
Translated from Georgian by Natalia Bukia-Peters & Victoria Field
A Hole of Light at the End of a Tunnel of Trees
By Carlos Oriel Wynter Melo
Love has been a tightrope lately.
Translated from Spanish by Pamela Carmell
Open Hands
By Cheri Lewis
Behind them were twenty, thirty, maybe even fifty babies.
Translated from Spanish by Pamela Carmell
Dance with Death
By Melanie Taylor Herrera
In the end, the shooter calls the shots.
Translated from Spanish by Christina Vega-Westhoff
Work Hard
By Eric Chau & Chi-Wai Un
Trixie’s colleagues were all frantically busy and unfailingly rude.
Translated from Chinese by Natascha Bruce
The Night Post
By Hoda Barakat
I write my letter with no idea where to send it.
Translated from Arabic by Robin Moger
By Jabbour Douaihy
He pleaded for him to believe him.
Translated from Arabic by Paula Haydar
The Jewish Nose
By Sabyl Ghoussoub
I looked like a Jew, an Islamist, a Portuguese, an Iranian, an idiot.
Translated from French by Mitchell Albert & Olivia Snaije
After Midnight
By Charles Chahwan
“You need to take your clothes off,” she continued.
Translated from Arabic by Suneela Mubayi
By Xi Xi
In honor of the first Internationalization Campaign, they decided to put on an Apple Pageant.
Translated from Chinese by Jennifer Feeley
Chewing on Words
By Dorothy Tse
It wasn't their voices that they'd lost, it was all memory of their language.
Translated from Chinese by Natascha Bruce
By Hon Lai Chu
It was on that afternoon that the cat began talking to me.
Translated from Chinese by Andrea Lingenfelter
While He Was Sitting There
By Mortada Gzar
He’s the third white soldier I’ve met this month.
Translated from Arabic by Claire C. Jacobson