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Queerying Translation
By B. J. Epstein
There are feminist or postcolonial translation strategies so why not queer ones, too?
By Raquel Lubartowski
It's this: we’re seeking water / Where there is only thirst.
Translated from Spanish by Carolina De Robertis
By David Albahari
Damned parents,” he said in a soft voice, “look what they’ve made of me.”
Translated from Serbian by Ellen Elias-Bursać
Shit about Love
By Caio Fernando Abreu
You cover it up, disguise it, use Vaseline, soap . . .
Translated from Portuguese by Ed Moreno
Lida, Danilo, and the Others
By Biljana Jovanović
Because of all that, I only rode buses that were almost empty.
Translated from Serbian by John K. Cox
In Praise of Nonconformity: The Queer Issue
By Susan Harris
Behind the bigotry and hyperbole lurk the fear of the unknown, the threat to the status quo.
By Jeon Sam-hye
Because what you felt when he turned you down was how I felt whenever I looked at you.
Translated from Korean by Anton Hur
Car Accident without Victims
By Alexandre Vidal Porto
At home, no one suspects I do this. Imagine. It’d destroy my marriage.
Translated from Portuguese by Alison Entrekin
Tomorrow, God Willing
By Khadi Hane
“Everyone’s queer in this bloody prison!”
Translated from French by Lulu Norman
By Mu Cao
I suddenly realized that he was wearing a wig and the skin beneath his clothing was as coarse as tree bark.
Translated from Chinese by Scott E. Myers
By Gabriela Wiener
I’ve been unfaithful on Good Friday, Mother’s Day, Christmas and even during a coup d’état.
Translated from Spanish by Lucy Greaves
Small-town Novella
By Ronald M. Schernikau
In the locker rooms, wild combat rages more openly than elsewhere.
Translated from German by Lucy Jones
Three Microfictions
By Lawrence Schimel
It wasn’t a question of my boss finding out I’m gay . . .
Translated from Spanish by Sandra Kingery
She, You, and I
By Elham Mansour
What’s the point of love without suffering?
Translated from Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette
The Queer Issue V: Impressions from a Passing Train
By Rohan Kamicheril
I am writing this introduction from a speeding train. The Hudson, brown and wide, is skimming by my window as I hurtle upstate. The countryside is finally green again, the river swollen, and the analogies…
Queens Football
By Alberto Salcedo Ramos
Mauricio Álvarez, better known as La Madison, takes a small mirror from his bag. As he combs his wispy bleached blonde hair, he says he realized he was gay at the age of seven, while reading a…
Translated from Spanish by Rosalind Harvey
from “Last Words from Montmartre”
By Qiu Miaojin
Letter TenMay 11Dearest Yong,My sister sent me the two CDs that I wanted. She sent them on May 7. The courier rang the doorbell and handed them to me this morning, and I immediately rushed over to my…
Translated from Chinese by Ari Larissa Heinrich
from “My Body Laid Bare”
By Stéphane Lambert
Thankfully, the advent of my friends’ sexuality took me out of the lonely guilt I felt after being molested. The first year of middle school is the occasion for young studs to swagger onto the scene.…
Translated from French by Paul Curtis Daw
Ney Boulevard
By Ghazal Mosadeq
Your problem is that you say you are gay but have never seen a gay guy in your entire life.”
Translated from Farsi by Lida Nosrati
from “Carnia Haikai”
By Elvira Riveiro Tobío
The hour of the dawnWhen the bedsheets conspireTo wage anarchy.*A glutton for you:When my mealtime is overI lick my finger . . .*Ill-mannered, ill-bred:I am ever inclined toEat with my fingers.Spit mixed…
Translated from Galician by Adrian Nathan West
Cavities and Kindness
By Nao-Cola Yamazaki
It was almost Christmas, I had a cavity, and I was in the process of getting dumped.
Translated from Japanese by Kalau Almony
from “Spring”
By Rachid Boudjedra
TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: Spring (Printemps), which was published by Grasset in April 2014, is set in Algiers between early 2011 and 2013. Teldj, a former 400m hurdles Olympic medalist, is gay, in her thirties,…
Translated from French by André Naffis-Sahely
from “Adam’s Apple”
By Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina
Georgii Izmailov, a successful St. Petersburg businessman, attends the glitzy, high-profile presentation of his own latest project, the largest business center in the city, together with his business…
Translated from Russian by Andrew Bromfield
For Nina
By Javier Malpica
August 18, 1995Dear Nina:Today I went to buy this notebookwith money I borrowed from Frida . . . your daughter.I also bought myself a large ice cream,vanilla-flavored.It wasn't very good.I came home.Frida…
Translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel
By Frank Baez
The neighbors dream of shooting me.
Translated from Spanish by Hoyt Rogers
Maternal Pride
By Matteo B. Bianchi
The first pride Rosa felt on this day was for herself.
Translated from Italian by Liesl Schillinger