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Hong Kong

The covers of the six titles featured in the Watchlist: Beijing Sprawl, Happy Stories, Mostly,...
The Watchlist: June 2023
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends new and forthcoming books in translation from Bolivia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Norway, and Poalnd.
The covers of the books featured in the list
Your #IWD2023 Reading List
By Words Without Borders
In honor of International Women’s Day 2023, WWB recommends 10 forthcoming books written and translated by women and published by small presses.
The covers of the books featured in the list
The Best Books of 2022—And What We’re Looking Forward to in 2023
By Words Without Borders
Our staff, contributors, and board members share their favorite translated books of the year and the titles they’re looking forward to in 2023.
An International Menagerie: Animal Stories
By Susan Harris
Some of the animals here possess the power of speech, deploying it to often subversive ends.
Trial Run
By Yau Ching
nothing is certain but and taxes
Translated from Chinese by Chenxin Jiang
A Note from Contest Judge David Tomas Martinez
It was an Hunahpúan effort to choose only four poems from this extraordinarily strong pool of poems.
Cloth Birds
By Dorothy Tse
There's no cloth hawker in the bazaar / willing to make dirty deals
Translated from Chinese by Natascha Bruce
The Winners of the Words Without Borders—Academy of American Poets Poem-in-Translation Contest
By Words Without Borders
We received 717 poems from 282 poets from 87 countries translated from 55 languages.
Reimagined Cities: Fabulist Tales from Hong Kong
By Jennifer Feeley
Hong Kong is situated at the convergence of multiple literary and linguistic traditions.
A bunch of red apples
Photo by Matheus Cenali on Unsplash
By Xi Xi
In honor of the first Internationalization Campaign, they decided to put on an Apple Pageant.
Translated from Chinese by Jennifer Feeley
Chewing on Words
By Dorothy Tse
It wasn't their voices that they'd lost, it was all memory of their language.
Translated from Chinese by Natascha Bruce
By Hon Lai Chu
It was on that afternoon that the cat began talking to me.
Translated from Chinese by Andrea Lingenfelter
Davin Chan Moves Out
By Xi Xi
No matter how many times he put the kitten back down on the floor, it leaped right back up, even though the bed was many times its height.
Translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury
The Cat’s Coming (in a Left-Handed Version)
By Chihoi
Translation of “Zuopiezi manhuazhi mao laile.” Copyright Chihoi 2005. By arrangement with the author and Joint Publications. Translation copyright 2011 by Steve Bradbury. All rights reserved.
Translated from Chinese by Steve Bradbury
From “Seven”
By Leung Shing Him
If he hadn't asked for me, then everything that followed wouldn't have happened.
Translated from Chinese by Joyce Hau
From “Alive in the Mortuary”
By Chong Mui Ngam
25 years of war, aren't you sick and tired of it?
Translated from Chinese by Candace Chong