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The covers of the books featured in the Watchlist
The Watchlist: October 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends noteworthy new books in translation from Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Colombia, South Korea, and Norway.
A rooftop in Riyadh
Photo by Rashyd . on Unsplash
Hi Maryam, It’s Arwa
By Areej Gamal
The world appeared in stages with each rung of the ladder I climbed.
Translated from Arabic by Addie Leak
The book covers of Animals in Our Days, Brisbane, Flowers of Lhasa, Radio Siga, Linea Nigra, and...
The Watchlist: May/June 2022
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends noteworthy new books translated from Tibetan, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Croatian.
From left to right: Salwa Shakhshir, Miranda Beshara, and Mohamed Nabulsi.
The Present and Future of Arabic Kid Lit: A Conversation
By M. Lynx Qualey
There are many great Arabic children’s books that haven’t reached their young readers yet.
Deceptive Simplicity: International Children’s Literature
By Daniel Hahn
I often feel that adults forget what children’s stories are capable of.
Communism in Style
By Nadia Kamel
What I'm trying to say is that we didn't have a sense of how dangerous it all was.
Translated from Arabic by Brady Ryan & Essayed Taha
Beyond Representation: Life Writing by Women in Arabic
By Sawad Hussain & Nariman Youssef
One cannot write about real-life experiences from the place of the “I” without laying claim to a place in the world.
Blood in Flames
By Muhammed Mustajab
Men can be angels when joy is in the air.
Translated from Arabic by Robin Moger
Important Announcement
By Ahmed Fouad Negm
Upsidedownistan here.
Translated from Arabic by Elliott Colla
By Sahar Mandour
After I fell for him, I never cheated on him again, except that time in Paris. And that other time.
Translated from Arabic by Nicole Fares & Sara Ramey
Beyond Queer: The Queer Issue
By Susan Harris
The contributors to our Queer issues produce narratives that elude facile compartmentalization.
By Sahar Mandour
One day this violation will be in the past, consigned to oblivion, long forgotten.
Translated from Arabic by Alice Guthrie
The World at Home: US Writing in Translation
By Susan Harris
This issue is not a departure but a continuation.
Bahaa and Shareef Escape to New York
By Ezzedine Fishere
They didn’t get any satisfaction from coming out.
Translated from Arabic by Jonathan Smolin
My Grandfather and Sitt Biba
By Mohammed Abdelnabi
I was convinced that I really had caused the death of the one I loved most.
Translated from Arabic by Nariman Youssef
Reflections on the President’s Discourse
By Basma Abdel Aziz
This demonstrates how overwhelmingly crude his rhetoric is.
Translated from Egyptian Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette
Graphic Novels at WWB: The First Ten Years
By Susan Harris
The narrative threads that weave through the last ten years tell a tale in themselves.
The Queue
By Basma Abdel Aziz
He would need a special permit if he intended to extract the bullet.
Translated from Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette
Walt Whitman and Me: Notes on a Poetic Education
By Abdel-Moneim Ramadan
I was possessed by memory and forgetfulness and by Arabic poetry.
Translated from Arabic by Michael Beard & Adnan Haydar
Apartment in Bab el-Louk
The Apartment in Bab el-Louk
By Donia Maher & Ganzeer
Outside your window, Cairo's nooks and crannies are lonely and forsaken, like a deserted crime scene.
Translated from Arabic by Elisabeth Jaquette
The Last of the Bunch
By Migo Rolzz
You're young and I don't want my feelings to get hurt!
Translated by Chip Rossetti
Funeral for Walt Whitman
By Abdel-Moneim Ramadan
So finally, atop the fender of a tank / lounges Walt Whitman.
Translated from Arabic by Michael Beard & Adnan Haydar
Adonis Recommends Abdel-Moneim Ramadan
By the Editors of Words Without Borders
Ramadan's dazzling poem evokes Adonis's famous “Funeral for New York.”
The Guest
By Miral al-Tahawy
And she tells the story of how he came and took her away on his horse and shut her up in a house with high walls.
Translated from Arabic by Samah Selim
The Egyptian Revolution Won’t Be Fooled
By Nawal El Saadawi
The battle continues and the revolution continues.
Translated from Arabic by Chip Rossetti
Two Million People in the Square: Scenes from the Revolution
By Magdy El Shafee
The people say: Step down now!
Translated from Arabic by Humphrey Davies
By Gamal al-Ghitani
“The most important Arab novelist today.”—Naguib Mahfouz
Translated from Arabic by Humphrey Davies
The Pharaohs of Egypt
By Florent Ruppert & Jérôme Mulot
This way over there, you stupid savage.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
Memories of Chernobyl
By Mohamed Makhzangi
The entire city began to wash itself ceaselessly . . .
Translated from Arabic by Samah Selim
Sometimes Wisdom Possesses Me
By Iman Mersal
One day wisdom will possess me / and I will not go to the party.
Translated from Arabic by Khaled Mattawa
Things Elude Me
By Iman Mersal
One day I will pass by/ the house that used to be my home.
Translated from Arabic by Khaled Mattawa
By Iman Mersal
My perfect friend,/ why don't you leave now.
Translated from Arabic by Khaled Mattawa
The Veiler of All Deeds
By Hamdi Abu Golayyel
When Abu Gamal revealed Shaykh Hasan's secret to the residents of Number 36 . . .
Translated from Arabic by Marilyn Booth
Mrs. Saniya’s Holiday
By Na’am al-Baz
Forget the admirer, Saniya. This guy will not take care of you.
Translated from Arabic by Alexa Firat
A white chick.
Photo by Osman Kahraman on Unsplash.
It’s a Chick, Not a Dog
By Jar al-Nabi al-Hilw
My mother knew he was walking after her. Almost certainly she knew. Do you want me to tell you why?
Translated from Arabic by Marilyn Booth