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Graphic Literature

From “Reunion”

By Pascal Girard
Translated from French by Helge Dascher

Lady 1: Woo hoo Pascal !

Pascal: AH !

Lady 2: This is my song !

Crowd person: Dido


Man: What's your problem ? Look out , would you ?!

Pascal: My glasses !

Pascal: Mmf .. Ah ..

Pascal: Jeezus ... I hurt all over .
Camille: Don't move . You're bleeding .

Pascal: Oh! {wipe wipe}

Pascal: Yeah , I lost the right pad on my glasses and ... with the impact ...

Camille: What's wrong with your leg ?

Pascal: I get cramps .

Pascal: Ah ! Camille ! Camille Perron !

Pascal: Did you just get here ?

Camille: Are you kidding ?
I said hello earlier .

Pascal: You did ?

Camille: Sure , before dinner . I spoke to you and ignored me .

Pascal: R ... Really ? cough I ... Sorry ... I must've ... Uh ...

Camille: No big deal .

Pascal: AAH !

Camille: Oh dear !
Camille: Do you often get leg cramps ?,

Pascal: Mf ... Only when I run .

Camille: In both legs ?

Pascal: Yes . Mf ...

Camille: Show me .

Pascal: Ah ! No ! Thanks !

Camille: It's OK , I'm a physiotherapist .

Camille: This is tight . When'd you start running ?

Pascal: Uh ... Last May .

Camille: D'you have good running shoes ?

Pascal: An old pair .

Camille: Congratulations ! No wonder you're injured .

Pascal: But it's all temporary , I'm stopping soon .

Pascal: Hold on ! What're you doing ?

Camille: I'm taking off your shoe . I wa

Pascal: You d .... don't need to !

Camille: It's OK , calm down ...

Crowd person: HAHA Hey you lovebirds ! Get a room , would ya ?


Camille: Very funny !
Crowd person: Sorry , Camille . I was kidding .

Camille: Does it hurt if I press here ?

Pascal: N ... not much . {Cough cough}

Crowd person: What're you doing ?

Pascal: Uh ... Camille's a physiotherapist ... I get leg cramps and she's ... uh ... having a look to ... uh ... see what she can do ... I think .

Camille: Here ?

Pascal: No.

Crowd person: Ah , my wife's a physio too . Loves it . She just opened her own clinic ... It's a real privilege to like what you do . I'm an optician for now .

Camille: Oh , good timing .

Camille: Here . Repair his glasses .

Crowd person: N ... Now ? But I don't have my tools ...

Camille: Improvise .

Crowd person: OK ... let me see what I can do ...
Maybe I can find some thing in the car .

Pascal: Th..Thanks .

Pascal: AAH !
Camille: Did I hurt you ?

Pascal: No ... Ow ... It's my tooth .

Crowd woman: Need a dentist ?

Pascal: No

Camille: Pascal does.

Crowd woman: Is it a molar ? Open up , I'll have a look .

Pascal: Thanks but th ... this isn't really the place ...

Crowd woman: C'mon !

Pascal: I just had a coffee !

Crowd woman: Bah . I'm drunk , I can't smell a thing .

Pascal: A

Crowd woman: And here , does this hurt ?

Pascal: AH!

Pascal: Would ya stop moving !

Crowd person: OK ... these should hold for the rest of the evening .

Crowd woman: Hold on ! Don't move !

Pascal: AAH

Crowd: Ha ha !
{flash clik}
Crowd woman: Ah ... I see ..

Crowd: HAHA

Guy in crowd with a camera: Oh man ! I'm gonna have the best shot of the evening , for sure !

Guy Next to him: Gotta put that one on the net !


Crowd person: I'll leave you my card . It'll get you a 15 % discount .

Crowd woman: The filling in the third molar is cracked . Do you still live in Saguenay ?

Pascal: N ... No , I live in Quebec City .

Crowd woman: Too bad ... Well , if you want to make the trip , I'm in the book . Simard & Savard , dentists .

Crowd person: I'm Lakeside Eye Care . My number is on the card.

Camille: So , no jogging for at least three weeks and buy yourself some running shoes .

Pascal: Can I have my shoe back ?

Crowd: Look ! Sure , it's ... ?

Camille: Hey ...
Camille: I don't understand .. I put it right here .

Pascal: Somebody must have taken it .

Camille: I'll ask around if anybody's seen it .

Pascal: Thanks ...

Person A: A black shoe ? No.

Person B: Huh ... no .

Person C: Ha ha ! Hey , nice socks , man !

Person D: Huh ?! No ! How come ?

Person E: Ha ha ha ha ha !

Pascal: What the heck , whoever took it is bound to give it back soon .

Camille: If this is a joke , it's not very funny .

Camille: I'm getting myself a refill . Want anything ?

Pascal: Oh ... I'll go with you . I need a coffee .
Pascal:This entire evening has been a failure .

Pascal: Jeezus ...

Person F: I found this in a trash can . I figured it was yours ...

Person F: You're gonna need it to go join the others .
You should wait till you're home to toss it .

Pascal: Thanks .

Person F: Good night . Have a nice life .

From Reunion. Copyright 2011 by Pascal Girard. Published 2011 by Drawn & Quarterly, Montreal. By arrangement with the publisher. All rights reserved.

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