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Sergio Chejfec

Photo copyright © Valerie Mejer

Sergio Chejfec

Sergio Chejfec, originally from Argentina, was the author of numerous works of fiction, poetry, and essays. Among his grants and prizes, he received fellowships from the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in 2007 and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation in 2000. His books have been translated into English, French, German, and Portuguese. 

Articles by Sergio Chejfec

The Story of a Notebook
By Sergio Chejfec
One is drawn toward handwritten manuscripts because, unlike more mediated forms of writing (whether produced by typewriters, word processors, or automatic transcription tools), they alone retain the signs of hesitation.
Translated from Spanish by Jeffrey Lawrence
A Trip to the Cemetery
By Sergio Chejfec
One shouldn’t expect more from novelists than disjointed emanations without guaranteed outcomes.
Translated from Spanish by Heather Cleary