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Robin Myers

Portrait of translator Robin Myers

Robin Myers

Robin Myers is a poet and translator. Recent book-length translations include In Vitro by Isabel Zapata (Coffee House Press), Bariloche by Andrés Neuman (Open Letter Books), and Copy by Dolores Dorantes (Wave Books). The recipient of a 2023 NEA Translation Fellowship, she is currently working on a book of essays about translating poetry.

Articles by Robin Myers

A woman's hand is reflected in a mirror in this black-and-white photo
Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash
When Did You Know
By Mariana Spada
In this poem, Argentinian writer Mariana Spada echoes the questions and comments she receives about her trans identity from the people around her.
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
Emiliano Zapata on horseback, scene from the Mexican Revolution
"Emiliano Zapata on horseback, scene from the Mexican Revolution," José Guadalupe Posada (Mexican, 1851–1913), ca. 1911. Public domain. Gift of Jean Charlot, 1930.
Unspeakable Fermentations: Putrefaction and Social Revolt in Paris and Mexico City
By Diego Rodríguez Landeros
With canine relish and human shame, I’d rather sniff than taste.
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
An old, sepia toned photograph of a young girl
Photo by Robin Myers
Hosts and Guests
By Robin Myers
Translation, an obsessive interpretive art in which the boundaries between guest and host are tenderly and strenuously unstable, is my constant companion while I learn what it means to build a life in a country and culture different from the one I was…
Score of Anold Schoenberg's Transfigured Night
Outside Music
By Hernán Bravo Varela
Anything audible can be remembered.
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
The Common Good
By Sara Cordón
All she can think about is why it ever occurred to her to dress like this in public.
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
In Puget Sound
By Isabel Zapata
before their paths divided, they formed, together, three glints of light and shadow moving on at last
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
By Mariana Spada
somewhere in between the promise and the certainty of rain / the bounds of things / —all things, including you— / are blurred
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers
By Claudia Masin
I don’t understand how we walk around the world / ​as if there were a single way for each of us
Translated from Spanish by Robin Myers