Book Reviews

Máirtín Ó Cadhain’s “Dirty Dust”

Talk is not only the “principal character in this book,” as Titley writes in his translator’s note, it is the book.

Alejandro Zambra’s “My Documents”

In his nostalgic yet critical gaze, the introduction of home computers in those years becomes a symbol for larger reconfigurations of solitude and companionship.

Park Min-gyu’s “Pavane for a Dead Princess”

Michel Foucault begins Les mots et les choses—his study of how the West has framed and constituted knowledge from the early modern period to the present day—with a discussion of Diego Velásquez’s…...

March 2015

On Memory: New Writing from Japan

We have recently been made increasingly aware of the everyday failings of our own memories.

The Far Shore

“It is absolutely safe to restart the reactor as long as nothing unforeseen happens.”

The Memory

And then what did you do, he asked, and she said, I watched.


We simply couldn’t tolerate rogue fruit infiltrating Tokyo and corrupting public morals.

When My Wife Was a Shiitake

"When you hold an egg in your hand, its memories are communicated to you through its shell, you know."


The fragments of the girl come tumbling down.

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