Book Reviews

Joseph Roth’s “The Hundred Days”

An achingly beautiful fictional account of the rise and fall of the Emperor Napoleon

Otfried Preussler’s “Krabat and the Sorcerer’s Mill”

Preussler’s storytelling mastery and gift for atmosphere render this Bildungsroman-meets-Gothic horror both timeless and splendidly, creepily original.

Antal Szerb’s “Journey by Moonlight”

This phantasmal, complex novel of ideas takes place in a “wild, precipitous landscape”

November 2014

from “Kobold”

He tries to cram St. John of Nepomuk into a shaggy fur coat.

from “Germans”

They were different from the Germans she knew in the Reich.

Building a New World

Perhaps language, especially written and read, acquaints time with space.

“The Fair-haired Princess” and Serious Literature

An advanced modern reader acts like a detective.

The Prodigal Father

Myths always lie a little, to make them more impressive.

The Cherry Tree

Of course I was named after Leonid Brezhnev!

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