Book Reviews

Sérgio Rodrigues’s “Elza: The Girl” and Paulo Scott’s “Nowhere People”

Where are all the young Brazilian writers?

Joseph Roth’s “The Hundred Days”

An achingly beautiful fictional account of the rise and fall of the Emperor Napoleon

Otfried Preussler’s “Krabat and the Sorcerer’s Mill”

Preussler’s storytelling mastery and gift for atmosphere render this Bildungsroman-meets-Gothic horror both timeless and splendidly, creepily original.

November 2014

Not Necessarily About Politics: Contemporary Czech Prose

Authors writing in Czech have always had plenty to say.

This Time Last Year

The older you are, the less exposure you can tolerate.

from “Down, Beast!”

I even had erotic dreams in which the chess pieces lusted after each other.

from “Disappear”

The leg I don’t have is what hurts.

from “Guardians of the Public Good”

Krakow in my childhood didn’t belong to anyone.

Bow and Arrow

We should’ve sorted it out when he was nine, when he hung the neighbor’s cat.

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Stories from the Country of the Dead

by Juan Pablo Villalobos

Where Is My Home?

by Michelle Woods

The Week in Translation

by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren

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