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The City and the Writer

Credit: Mardiana Sani
Portrait of author Isabel Fargo Cole
Photo: Dirk Skiba
Portrait of Wallis Wilde-Menozzi
A black-and-white portrait of Mosab Abu Toha
Portrait of author Karim Kattan
Photo: R Topakian
A portrait of Senegalese American writer Baba Badji
A portrait of writer Edvige Giunta
Photo © Joshua Fausty
A portrait of writer Giusy Sciacca.
Photo credit: Marcello Bianca.
Portrait of writer Roberto Alajmo in front of a stone wall
Black and white portrait of writer Maria Borio
Portrait of writer Cristina Bendek in front of green plants
Photo: Karen Bendek
Portrait of author Claudia Durastanti
Photo: Civitella Ranieri Foundation
Portrait of writer Deniz Dağdelen Düzgün
Portrait of writer Cassandra Atherton
Portrait of writer Fiona Kelly McGregor with a black cat
Photo copyright © Jamie James
Portrait of writer Moira Egan
Photo copyright © Eric Toccaceli
Portrait of writer and translator André Naffis-Sahely
Photo copyright © Nina Subin
Deepak Unnikrishnan. Photo © Philip Cheung.
A portrait of writer Miguel Syjuco
Fiona Sampson. Photo copyright © Ekaterina Voskresenskaya.
Portrait of writer Sinan Antoon
Photo © Koutaiba al-Janabi
Portrait of writer Ioana Morpurgo
Portrait of writer Natalie Bakopoulos
Portrait of writer Christopher Bakken
Portrait of writer Naivo
Portrait of writer Ali Al Ameri
Photo © Satish Kumar.
Portrait of writer Maya C. Popa
Portrait of writer Angelo Cannavacciuolo