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The covers of the books featured in the Watchlist: Offshore Lightning, The Country of Too, No One...
The Watchlist: July 2023
By Tobias Carroll
Tobias Carroll recommends new and forthcoming books translated from Arabic, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Carranza? Taxis Don’t Go There
By Arnoldo Gálvez Suárez
Taxi drivers are indiscreet types.
Translated from Spanish by Geoff Bendeck
Fact or Fiction: Latin American Reportage
By Eric M. B. Becker
The writers in this month’s feature provide assurance that the genre is source of some of today’s most vibrant and compelling stories, fictional or otherwise.
Trees in a zoo
Photo by Rosalind Chang on Unsplash
Some Other Zoo
By Rodrigo Rey Rosa
I explained at the top of my voice that my daughter had disappeared.
Translated from Spanish by Daniel Hahn
By Rodrigo Fuentes
His father had just been taken down from the branch of a ceiba tree.
Translated from Spanish by Kate Newman
Paranoid City
By Mildred Hernández
Inside the trunk was another lifeless body.
Translated from Spanish by Anne McLean
“The Mastermind”: An Act of Translation
By David Unger
No one can understand what is going on in Guatemala.
from “With Absolute Passion”
By Carol Zardetto
I go in and out of memories as one fighting to stay awake.
Translated from Spanish by D. W. Coop Allred
The Ape
By Luis de Lión
“He really looks like his monkey, doesn’t he?”
Translated from Spanish by Rosalind Harvey
By Denise Phé-Funchal
Papá’s words have a dry smell, as dry as the skin on his lips.
Translated from Spanish by Lisa M. Dillman
Young Aurora and the Captive Child
By Dante Liano
Young Aurora, said the butcher, wasn't Miss Aurora at all.
Translated from Spanish by Thomas Bunstead
On the Fourth Day
By Koulsy Lamko
Slowly but surely, exile erases us from the memory of our land.
Translated from French by Alexis Pernsteiner
White Sand, Black Stone
By Eduardo Halfon
Your passport, señor, expired last month.
Translated from Spanish by Daniel Hahn
The Sarima’s Mission
By Miguel Angel Oxlaj
I can still hear that echo and feel the great terror that came over me at that moment.
Translated from Spanish by Sylvia Sasson Shorris
The Water Cathedral
By Francisco Méndez
I will never forget how Sebastián was dressed one morning, the first time he told us about the Water Cathedral.
Translated from Spanish by Kristin Bengtson Mendoza