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Czech Republic

Toward Our Common Destruction: Humans and the Environment
By Eric M. B. Becker
The protagonist of this month’s work is the natural world in its multitudes.
Tsunami Blues
By Markéta Pilátová
The shock that was yet to come had long ago passed her by.
Translated from Czech by Sára Foitová
Pas de Deux
By Libuše Moníková
Being with you is like being on an island, a quarantine island.
Translated from German by Anne Posten
Peripatetics: The Essays of Jazmina Barrera, Karen Villeda, and Mariana Oliver
By Charlotte Whittle
These are essays with a roving gaze whose authors travel through geographic and intellectual spaces with the same ease with which we used to walk around in New York.
By Karen Villeda
Women were confined to reading prayer books and religious hymns. And they wrote in the margins. Centuries went by. Those marginalia are, in fact, the books I need to read.
Translated from Spanish by Charlotte Whittle
Forced Confessions: On True Crime Writing
By Susan Harris
The pieces here map the translation of event into prose—the creation of true crime writing.
St. Barbara
By Marek Šindelka, Vojtěch Mašek & Marek Pokorný
It's not your job to solve this case.
Translated from Czech by Julia Sherwood & Peter Sherwood
Conflicting Stories
By Susan Harris
These works reflect a striking range of existential challenges shaping lives across the globe.
February 2019 International Graphic Novel Scenes From Schlechtfreund Vojtech Masek Dzian Baban Feature
Scenes from Schlechtfreund
By Vojtěch Mašek & Džian Baban
At least five hundred pages, otherwise there's no point!
Translated from Czech by Martha Kuhlman & David Randl
Past, Future, Present: International Graphic Novels, Volume XII
By Susan Harris
Though much of the art here may be in black and white, the topics addressed are anything but.
Knock ’em Dead
By Lucie Lomová
I know he's a faker, but missing the premiere . . .
Translated by Alex Zucker
Please Enter Destination
By Tereza Semotamová
That piece of junk is driving me crazy!
Translated from Czech by Barbora Růžičková
The Magazine as Manifesto
By Meghan Forbes
The artistic production of a group of leftist artists, poets, and editors in Central Europe in the interwar period reflects an optimism for a “new Europe.”
New Art
By Bedřich Václavek
Václavek attempts to outline the ways in which developments in engineering and socialized labor practices are integral models for contemporary art practice.
Translated from Czech by Meghan Forbes
Travel by Train
By Karel Schulz
thus it is proven once again that / luck is a swallow on a telegraph wire
Translated from Czech by Meghan Forbes
Found on the Tracks: European Writing on Train Travel
By Anne Posten
Trains . . . unite many dichotomies: the exotic and the banal, freedom and luxury, nostalgia and modernity, the possible and the real.
The Golem in the Mirror
By Nadezhda Gorlova
I dreamed of Prague at night. It looked the way each of us to whom the words “Old City” speak at least a little would imagine. I knew the Golem had returned, and I ran through the streets…
Translated from Russian by Deborah Hoffman