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By Ludmilla Petrushevskaya
So the seamstress is out, and Mom must save the situation somehow, except here’s the thing: there’s no money.
Translated from Russian by Keith Gessen & Anna Summers
The Golem in the Mirror
By Nadezhda Gorlova
I must involuntarily live in a world that the old woman has dragged back from nonexistence.
Translated from Russian by Deborah Hoffman
None of Your Business
By Natalia Klyuchareva
His mother smiled stupidly, flapped her heavily mascaraed eyelashes, and missed the plate with her fork.
Translated from Russian by Marian Schwartz
My Story of Chess
By Shota Iatashvili
Her hand would travel around the board, creeping up on a piece as she mumbled in a kind of trance: “J’adoube, j’adoube, j’adoube . . .”
Translated from Georgian by Elizabeth Heighway
Arm Wrestling in Chebachinsk
By Aleksandr Chudakov
There was nothing to be surprised about: in the town of Chebachinsk there wasn’t a single man whose arm Pereplyotkin couldn’t pin to the table.
Translated from Russian by Timothy D. Sergay