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A Year without John Ashbery: An International Tribute

September 2018

In this collection, originally featured in the September 2018 issue of Words Without Borders, we mark the first anniversary of John Ashbery’s death with poetry and prose in his honor.

Alms for the Versemaker: An International Appreciation of John Ashbery
By Eric M. B. Becker
One year after the passing of John Ashbery, three poets and translators pay tribute to the great American poet.
The Poem as Epiphyte
By Fady Joudah
Hope in the right place, you said, is hope misplaced
Remembering John Ashbery
By Hiroaki Sato
Ashbery fetched me a drink. I got drunk fast. And what did I prattle on about? The art of translation!
The Poetics of John Ashbery: Reflections from the Poet’s Uruguayan Translator
By Roberto Echavarren
John Ashbery wrote to be read rather than heard.
Translated from Spanish by Charlotte Whittle