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New Writing from Sri Lanka

June 2013

In a special section of Sri Lankan writing, Ru Freeman, author of A Disobedient Girl, introduces us to the work of Simon Navagaththegama, Ariyawansa Ranaweera, and Kalaivaathy Kaleel.

An Introduction to Sri Lankan Literature
By Ru Freeman & Malinda Seneviratne
Sri Lanka is blessed with a rich repository of narratives and narrative styles in the written and oral traditions.
The Hunter in the Wilderness of Sansara
By Simon Navagaththegama
The bird lay motionless and dead and infinitely small upon his massive palm.
Translated from Sinhala by Malinda Seneviratne
At the Supermarket
By Ariyawansa Ranaweera
trembling for the fingertip touch, pick, and cuddle
Translated from Sinhala by Malinda Seneviratne
By Kalaivaathy Kaleel
I too am a child. How would I know how to look after a baby?
Translated from Sinhala by K.S. Sivakumaran