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June 2010

The Queer Issue

WWB delves into the world of international queer writing this June, and returns with a chorus of some of the most striking voices in this underexplored realm. The writers in this issue defy convention with the variety of their literary styles and the rare clarity that each brings to our theme. They may visit the familiar ground of letters to old lovers, walks down memory lane, and fights over directions, but there's no mistaking the queer genius of invention at play in all their work. Look in with us on the world told anew by Angela Dimitrakaki, Fabrice Neaud, Syahmedi Dean, Gunther Geltinger, Sofi Oksanen, Yehoshuah Bar-Yosef, Ewa Schilling, and Dmitry Kuzmin.

from “The Fool”
The Fool (Głupiec, 2005) is set in contemporary Olsztyn, author Ewa Schilling's hometown in northeastern Poland. Alina is a thirty-year-old high school teacher and the daughter of a Lutheran…
Translated from Polish
from “Man Angel”
Endless, the levee. Endless, the dead straight path. Endless, the whirring of the bicycle tires on the asphalt, the whistling of the wind in their ears and the high, bare, immutable blue of the sky over…
Translated from German
Internet Life
On virtual seas I surf recklessly in every shape that I invent for myself omnipotent God among Gods mercifully I submerge a vulnerable fate create the world i seven seconds disappear into whoever’s…
Translated from German
An Interview with Ewa Schilling
This interview was conducted by email, in English and Polish, between 24 May and 1 June, 2010.   W. Martin: How did you begin writing The Fool (Głupiec), and what motivated you to tell this particular…
Translated from Polish
On the bottom of the seas                                                                      …
Translated from German
from “Baby Jane”
The office building across the street lit up like a Christmas tree every morning. The fluorescent lights chased each other pling-pling-pling, lighting up from one room to the next, pulling the people…
Translated from Finnish
from “Inside a Girl Like You”
By Angela Dimitrakaki
October 27, 2006Tamara,I’m writing to send you my new address. In case you’re still getting mail for me, you can forward it here: Katina Mela, Erodiou 8 (off Euripidou), Athens. I’ll…
Translated from Greek by Karen Emmerich
from “Soul Mate”
My father-in-law, Feibush, arrived unannounced at my doorstep in the middle of the week. I was writing out a mezuzah and so, fortunately, my cabinet of secular books was closed. Feibush’s eyes brightened…
Translated from Hebrew
Snacks in the Fashion Pages
By Syahmedi Dean
Right up till Friday afternoon the casting location was still not settled. The several small  meeting rooms in the Kuningan area were still too expensive for a small-scale casting that only involved…
Translated from Indonesian by David Reeves
Soul, you are a street
By Aleksey Porvin
Soul, you are a street, leading into rain / from the outskirts full of dry leaves
Translated from Russian by Peter Golub
By Rivka Keren
During the twilight hours of one day in January, the professor and his wife arrived at a small motel on the beach at Islamorada, and checked in. After the New Year’s Eve parties, the place had emptied…
Translated from Hebrew by Dalit Shmueli
Just Gone to Bed
By Dmitry Kuzmin
Just gone to bedOh well, not turning the light onBarefootJerking the shin back from the cold rimAnd nothingSomething gripes inside andHowever I strain doesn’t comeRemembered in horror M.P. telling how…
Translated from Russian by Julia Idlis