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February 2015

International Graphic Novels: Volume IX

February brings our annual showcase of the international graphic novel. In sober reportage and whimsical speculation, whether transcribing a genocide survivor’s testimony or recreating a Colombian master’s moment of inspiration, these artists delineate character and plot in their singular styles. Veteran newsman and Rwanda authority Patrick de St-Exupery returns to Kigali, this time with the artist Hippolyte, and Spanish artist Soulman teams with French writer Maximilien le Roy to produce a sorrowful memoir of loss and reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From France, Maxence Emery and Thomas Humeau give voice to an exiled, and disillusioned, Cuban revolutionary and political prisoner. Manfredi Giffone, Fabrizio Longo, and Alessandro Parodi listen in on the damning testimony of a Cosa Nostra “man of honor,” while South Korea’s Kim Han-min delivers a searing indictment of immigration policy. And in two looks at creative genius, Paolo Bacilieri clues us in on the origins of the crossword puzzle, and Oscar Pantoja, Miguel Bustos, Felipe Camargo, and Tatiana Córdoba reveal the source of García Márquez’s most famous novel. Also this month, we present new Slovak women’s writing by Jaroslava Blažková, Monika Kompaníková, Uršuľa Kovalyk, and Svetlana Žuchová, edited and introduced by noted Czech and Slovak translator Julia Sherwood.

Tell Me Where to Go
By Kim Han-min
You’re a born stranger. You’ll feel out of place in every country.
Translated by Jamie Chang & Sora Kim-Russell
From “Boat Number Five”
By Monika Kompaníková
The train left. The woman didn’t come.
Translated from Slovak by Janet Livingstone
Bermuda Triangle
By Jaroslava Blažková
“Would you believe it, he’s pulled through again!”
Translated from Slovak by Magdalena Mullek
Sea Anemone
By Uršuľa Kovalyk
“I did smoke. . . but with what, my dear, with what!”
Translated from Slovak by Julia Sherwood & Peter Sherwood
Contemporary Women’s Writing in Slovakia
By Julia Sherwood
Twenty-five years after the Velvet Revolution and over two decades since its “velvet divorce” from its bigger brother, the Czech Republic, in 1992, Slovakia—a country with a population…