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A portrait of translator Soje


Soje is a poet and the translator of Lee Hyemi’s Unexpected Vanilla (Tilted Axis Press, 2020), Choi Jin-young’s To the Warm Horizon (Honford Star, 2021), and Lee Soho’s Catcalling (Open Letter Books, 2021). They also make chogwa, an e-zine that features one Korean poem and multiple English translations per issue. 

Articles by Soje

A clocktower with a bright blue clock featuring the signs of the zodiac and a roman numeral for...
Photo by Josh Rangel on Unsplash
Me and the Stars
By Soje
Translator and repentant Aries Soje views a galaxy of translation and writing stars through an astrological lens in this witty poem.
A woman's mouth, chin, and neck
Photo by Pan Yunbo on Unsplash
Ligature Marks
By Lee Hyemi
The interplay of night and day. Deception and falsity.
Translated from Korean by Soje
The Cupboard with Strawberry Jam
By Lee Hyemi
If I had a spare season, I would’ve rushed to whisper vulgar words
Translated from Korean by Soje
Dori and Jina
By Choi Jin-young
I didn’t know Dori’s wounds, and Dori didn’t know mine—perhaps that’s why we could see each other as we were in that moment.
Translated from Korean by Soje