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Mylene Fernández Pintado

A portrait of Cuban author Mylene Fernández Pintado standing outside a bookstore

Mylene Fernández Pintado

Mylene Fernández Pintado (1963) received a law degree from the University of Havana in 1986. She was a legal adviser for the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos (ICAIC) until 2003....

Her publications include Anhedonia (Ediciones UNION, 1999 and Ediciones Matanzas, 2014), Otras plegarias atendidas (Ediciones UNION, 2003), Altre Preghiere esaudite (Marco Tropea Editore, Italy, 2004), Little Woman in Blue Jeans (Ediciones UNION, 2008), Infiel y otras historias (Editorial Campana, USA, 2009), Vivir sin papeles (Editorial Oriente, 2010), La esquina del mundo (UNION, 2011), and 4 Non Blondes (Editorial Oriente, 2013). She was awarded the 1998 Premio David for Anhedonia, and the 2002 Premio Italo Calvino and 2003 Premio de la Crítica Literaria for Otras plegarias atendidas. 

Her Corner of the World, translated by Dick Cluster from La esquina del mundo, was a finalist for the PEN Center USA Literary Award and the Northwest California Book Award, both in 2015. Her short stories have been adapted to radio and television, and appear in anthologies in Cuba and abroad, translated into English, French, Italian, and German, among others. She currently divides her time between Havana, Cuba, and Lugano, Switzerland. 

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