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Beyond Queer: The Queer Issue
By Susan Harris
The contributors to our Queer issues produce narratives that elude facile compartmentalization.
The Lagoon
By Abilio Estévez
The present, very often, takes its definitive shape in the past.
Translated from Spanish by David Lisenby
On Cuban Time
By Esther Allen & Hillary Gulley
Cuban time moves to its own complex rhythms.
Project DreamReal
By Herson Tissert Pérez
“you can’t go asking for the impossible.”
Translated from Spanish by Esther Allen
Swimming Upstream
By Eduardo del Llano
“For me to answer that, you’d have to prove that baseball players have souls.”
Translated from Spanish by Dick Cluster
The Bleeding Hands of Castaways
By Erick J. Mota
But you’re a space man, and you needed to build me a bar on an asteroid.
Translated from Spanish by Esther Allen
Interstellar Biochocolate Mousse à la solitaire . . . For Two
By Yoss
Set aside four containers to chill (but not in the freezer or in outer space).
Translated from Spanish by Hillary Gulley
Royalty Check
By Mylene Fernández Pintado
Elementary: The robber who knows his penal codes and his percentages also knows about literature.
Translated from Spanish by Dick Cluster
Nothing to Declare
By Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro
There’s not a single human on the ship besides us.
Translated from Spanish by Hillary Gulley
Interview with Mary Jo Porter
By Hillary Gulley
Cuba grabbed me. I don’t know how else to say it.
Obama in Havana
By Rubén Gallo
“I used to make twenty dollars a month teaching,” he tells me, as he collects my twenty-five-dollar fare.
Graphic Novels at WWB: The First Ten Years
By Susan Harris
The narrative threads that weave through the last ten years tell a tale in themselves.
If I could live on the vision without trying to say it
By Pedro de Jesús
There is a false time / set in motion when we fall
Translated from Spanish by Dick Cluster
Black Spring
By Maxence Emery & Thomas Humeau
After Batista's dictatorship, Castro had the support of an entire people.
Translated by Edward Gauvin
Exilium Ergo Sum
By Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
It is impossible to find one's own path in literature without a certain verbal violence.
Translated from Spanish by Lawrence Schimel
Mist: In the Capital City
By Reina María Rodriguez
How long did I contemplate the line dividing / the branch from the water.
Translated from Spanish by Kristin Dykstra
from Chapter 1, The Autobiography of Fidel Castro
By Norberto Fuentes
This is the bucolic and archetypal Cuban landscape that I myself will destroy thirty years hence.
Translated from Spanish by Anna Kushner
Doors, Windows, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control
By Esther Allen
Lex and I came to the strange realization that we, and Alejo Carpentier, had effectively been censored by the United States government.